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By Keystorkes
#88782 I mean from the perspective of the OR?

With the workload getting bigger daily, I wondering if it will come to the point that if there is no benefit to the OR for ED, then we will not see any ED in the future at all :cry:

I am set for the full 12 months in any case, ED would be a bonus.

Just wondered what's in it for the OR.

#88789 I suppose the benefit to the OR is the pleasure of getting a load of paperwork of his/her desk as it were.

I guess if all investigations into the bankruptcy are completed within a few months, then the case may as well be closed as it were. As someone who works in an office, from my point of view it's better from an organisational/administrative point of view to officially close a 'project' and file it away - one less thing to worry about.

S xxx
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By TalbotWoods
#88835 Indeed Sonis is 100% corrrect, but the thing to remember is that ED is just an administrative adcantage for us, and the OR.

However as Lloyd has said as case loads increase we may well see fewer and fewer ED's simply because the OR's dont have the time, as ED is a lower priority.

When I first joined the forum, nearly everyone was getting EDs, but the numbers seem to be slowing down a bit now, and more are running to there full year, when they are automatically closed.