Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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By doh!
#62643 Hi,

this is my first post here but i have been reading the site avidly leading up to my br (which happened today)!! i just want to thank you ALL for providing such a fantastic forum, although i never became involved in discussions the information provided is first class!! and it made the whole process much easier. Thanks all. :D

Went to court this morn, spent longer at reception waiting to find where the masters chambers where than i did waiting to see her and the hearing combined, fantastic!

or interview to follow in a few days. will post again if i survive that.

cheers :eek:
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By TalbotWoods
#62644 Hi Ya

It would be appreciated if you could tell us how the process works in NI as there are key differnces to those in England and Wales.

By Iphigenia
#62655 Congratulations on today, you must feel very relieved!
By doh!
#62666 i am very relieved indeed, but i hasnt really sunk in yet i think.

The process here is pretty straight forward and from what ive read on the forums things happen a bit more quicky which may be down to a smaller population? this is Belfast specific so im not sure about other areas of NI although the procedure will obviously be the same.

First of all go see the CAB, get advice and if you decide to go ahead with it , they refere you to a company called Grant Thornton who i believe are accountants. They go through the forms and ensure everything is in order. You then go to a solicitor (normally cleaver fulton & rankin, on bedford st) for your affidavit, takes 5 minutes and costs a fiver. then its off to the insolvency service on ormeau avenue (literally accross the street) to lodge your documents pay your fees 310 and get a reciept for the court
on Chichester st (the masters crt is second floor in the old buliding on the right after you go through the main reception building) pay your 62 quid and you will get an appointment to see the Master usually within 7 days ( i got mine in 3) although when i was there others came in just expecting to get a date but got seen within half an hour!! (im sure they where freaked out).
Literally 2 minutes with the master (lovely lady) asked did i file a petition?
did i seek advice?, am i happy that this is the most appropriate option? and that was it!
No where near as bad as id thought and everyone involved so far has
been very very helpful and nice. :)
By doh!
#62668 oh and forgot to say, i dont think its that different here anymore as i think NI came into line with the rest of the UK (ex Scotland) in march if this year

but dont quote me.
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By TalbotWoods
#62671 Hi Ya

Yep simialr but with some differnces:

CAB refer you to a accountants, doesnt happen that often in E&W, in fact very rare!.

In E&W you can swear your Afiivdatie at the Court free of charge, whne you presnent your for bankruptcy.

We lodge our documents at the court when we go bankrupt.

Deposit in E&W is £325 and Court fee is £110

We see the Judge for about the same amount of time (If we get to see he judge at all!) and the same questions tend to be asked.

Many thanks, and could you be so kind as to do the same with the OR's interview as well, though similar there are definate differnces!!


By doh!
#62736 i hadnt realised that there were that many differences

i will let you know about OR interview as soon as it happens.

By Bartok
#62875 I think the Court Fee is £150 in
E&W isn't it ?.