Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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By Judy 2
#62123 Hi, long time no post from me - been busy with my lovely 8-week old granddaughter :) Been lurking though and still reading up on everything.

Just a quick recap. My OH and I declared bankruptcy mid-January this year after struggling with a DMP for a year.

Life has been good since then :D

We've had the odd little 'hiccup' - mainly around lack of communication from the OR's office (they haven't responded to emails I've sent over the past 5/6 weeks) so last night I emailed their 'general' email address with a couple of queries I had about our BRs - one about my OH still being on an NT tax code and informing them that my OH is now working full-time and as such we will end up with an IPA as our surplus has grown.

Just had a reply back saying our IPOQs for consideration of early discharge were sent 2 days ago!! Woo-hoo! Is this a record? - it's only fifteen weeks since BR!
By Iphigenia
#62128 Congratulations!

On your grand-daughter, on your debt-free life and on your impending IPOQ!!
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By TalbotWoods
#62137 Certainly one of the fastest I have heard off for a IPOQ, but dont jump for joy yet as there are tme frames that have to be followed.

The OR cannot but you forward for early discharge to the creditors until 3 months has elapsed since your bankruptcy, then they have to floow a clear cut time line, which is 56 days from the tie they send the IPOQ until the earliset possible discahrge, so in reality it will be a minium of 5 months.

The good news is there are quite a few people who hav ebeen discharged just after 5 months (including me) so it look very good for you.

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By Judy 2
#62145 Thanks Iphy and Tim :)

Thanks for the info on the timespan Tim, I knew there'd be a bit of a wait after sending in the IPOQs, but it's good to have a general idea of how long.

Congrats Iphy on your BR this week too - I've been following your posts in lurkdom. Debt-free life is good! :D
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By Ransid
#62215 Great news!

Unfortunately it seems it's a bit of a postcode lottery in some cases as to whether you get Early Discharge or not, no doubt impacted upon by how busy (and well organised) the OR's office is, and how early they get the report out to your creditors (the 3 months triggers from this according to their guidance). I'd guess a straightforward BR, where they aren't looking at a BRO, in a well run office, you'd hope to get it between months 5 and 7, but as we've all seen some people don't and there BR's look uncomplicated.

If they are suggesting the IPOQ is for ED then it suggests they are definintely not looking at a BRO for you.

re e-mails I gather there is quite a lot of staff movements in some ORs offices so that might explain the non-reply. I've always suggested people use the general one for the offices as I think it's the managers who read that!

Finally - don't forget the send the IPOQ back swiftly - don't give them an out for passing over you!

All the best