Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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#62096 A girl on another forum I use went overdrawn on hers and they closed the account immediately!!!! :shock: :shock:

Better keep a check on mine from now on
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By Cheesecake
Vanilla_sky wrote:A girl on another forum I use went overdrawn on hers and they closed the account immediately!!!! :shock: :shock:

I don't understand this malarky (pardon my french) - you have no overdraft facility and yet they let you go overdrawn? If every transaction is checked electronically and every direct debit is bounced back if there are insufiicient funds, how come you still have a chance of being over the limit?
Anyone can please explain me how it works?
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By MissLucy
#62104 Well, it happened to me! I asked them to amend 2 standing orders in April to go out in May. But they still sent out the SO's and one of them twice! They then slapped on within hours yes hours 2x £19.50 charges. They took this £39 quid out of my bank which then left me in the red...........
They knew it was down to them, got the £39 put back in 2 days later and a £15 compensation deposit. They called it a 'Service Award'
The cheek I had a letter from their 'managed accounts' saying they could freeze all my DD's etc and even close the account :( This made me see red and have now opened a bank account with Yorkshire Bank.

By sparrish
#62274 I find their online banking balances hard to understand. For example last week it stated tht I had £250 cleared funds. I went to a cashpoint the same day and was told I only had £90 cleared funds. pain in the a**e.

The cashminder account is super strict. You can only have three things returned in a three month period before they will shut your account down. This happened to me when I cancelled some direct debits online but they went anyway. I would have thought that they would welcome the opportunity to slap some charges on but there you go. they did reopen it for me but what I have done now is open a separate on that I rarely use. If they close your account, then you still have a 'spare' because they only close the account with issues.

That said, probably best to make sure you have enough money in there in the first place!
#62278 Yes I find their online balances confusing :?

Also it seems that they take DD's out on a weekend where other banks dont operate on a weekend.
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By MissLucy
#62335 One more thing, a few months ago I withdrew money from an Halifax ATM about 4pm, a Monday afternoon. My money is always in Sunday and definitely there Monday morning.
At the ATM it tells me an upto date real 'Available Funds' more than enough dosh. Looked online and it said taking £20 out of the ATM made me overdrawer :roll: I mean what are they on about? My full money was in!! I rang them and they said its the way they do a ledger balance.....
One thing if this was the case, the ATM wouldn't have even given me £20. But their statements online are confusing and if you have used your Electron card, it can take a few days to show up on the online banking. Just be careful with it.

Lucy x
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By Sammy
#62352 Yes I've noticed that. If money is paid in then the total available funds is that plus whatever is already there according to the ATM. If you check on-line though, the same is true - BUT - the money paid in is placed on the last item of the day. It doesn't- come up as overdrawn on the printed statements though
I've got wise to this - items bought say in a supermarket don't get itemised until a couple of days afterwards, so I use cashback. So if money is paid in on Friday say that withdrawal doesn't usually come listed even on-line until Tuesday .
I keep an eye on mine like a hawk these days
#62356 Going to stop using mine as a debit card and just withdraw cash from the hole in the wall so I dont get caught out again
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By MissLucy
#62372 Hi Sammy, yes exactly they have placed the money credit in as the last item! Very strange way really. It's a slow system thays for sure :)