Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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By gerry
#31092 Hi

Can you please give me some guidelines??

Made BRPT in June this year given IPA of £85 for three years based on current salary.

If my salary were to increase per annum by approx £500 do I have to declare this to the OR or is it more substancial amounts that would be taken into consideration??

Is there a threshold?? or does it mean every penny of increase has to be delared??


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By arnie70
#31093 Have you been discharged yet?

As depending who you speak to, some say you only have to inform the OR of changes in income upto your discharge!

Can't help on the figures though sorry.
#31111 Hi Gerry

If you are discharged and the IPA paperwork you signed clearly states to inform them 'until discharge', then do just that.

If you are still bankrupt, then it depends what you were told at your interview. I think every OR is different, but at my interview I was told I not need to bother with informing about very small pay rises, it was only the big 'uns/bonuses they wanted to know about.

S xxx
By Mel_Odious
#31119 If you are not yet discharged it would be best to let the OR know of your increase but you can also add that your Council Tax will also be increased in April as far as you know plus of course gas and leccy are due to rise. I don't think it will affect your current IPA payments but better safe than sorry because the OR and Revenue are in bed together, so to speak.

By gerry
#31251 Thanks

For the replies I am not discharged yet most likly will be June 06.

I havent had the wage rise yet but was just trying to prempt the situation.

I have to pay a company each month Clark Willmott so was a bit unsure if I did cahnge jobs or get a BIG wage rise ( I wish) I wopuld know what to do.

To be honest Mel any raise I may get would be eaten up by Council tax increases Gas, Electric.


By slash40
#31303 hi i was made b in august. several months ago i recieved a payrise of approx £400 +/-. p/a. i informed the o/r and had to fill in an ipoq, not heard nothing yet. mind you being winter i am using more heating and my c/t was adjusted therefore sl higher than anticipated. plus higher wages = higher n/i deductions. so any surplus (very little if you divide it by 12) was swallowed up.
By David
#31311 Hi Gerry,
I took the view that until discharge I would abide by the rules meticulously... I had a two or three small incentive payments which I advised to OR .....
My thinking was that I would do absolutely nothing that could upset them ... and then there would be no reason for them to bother me....
I was discharged in due course with minimum of fuss ....
Whether or not my actions contributed I dont know....but it gave me peace of mind...
Your choice
By gerry
#31412 Hi David

Thanks for this - I see where you are coming from.

All help is most appreciated


By zAndy1
#33047 My OR said if it was a 2 or 3% rise i.e just keeping up with inflation then they wouldn't be interested.