Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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By JulieP
#31034 Given the recent media coverage, I feel that the somewhat biased viewpoints raised need to be addressed.

I am sure that not one of us would say we were blameless in arriving at out present financial predicament. However, there are always mitigating circumstances. Bad decision making plays a part, but so do unforseen events and changes in personal circumstances beyond anyones control.

My personal story began with a brain haemorrhage in the middle of my nurse training, and I will hold my hand up and say that there were times when I felt so miserable that I bought something nice for my self.....mostly dinner.

What I object to is watching some upper class idiot telling the world how he racked up huge debts on wine, women and song only to write the whole lot off by going bankrupt.

The majority of us, I am sure, did not enter into bankruptsey lightly or without a sense of guilt and failure.

We should however, be proud that we have taken positive action to address our problems.

This forum is testement to the fact that financial woes can affect every class and income bracket, yet we all stand together and I think that's kinda cool!

A big thank you to everyone who has helped and supported me through the process.

#31035 Very well said Julie,
By homely
#31037 i agree well put julie
By Sassy&Sorted
#31047 Couldnt have put it better!
#31053 Julie you have said it all :-)

The media seem to think that cos we go B its our own fault thru gambling. high living etc when in reality for most of us its life and all it throws at us, my major factor is Sarah and wanting to give her the best in her short life
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By JulieP
#31062 Ah well Nilla.....least we know better!

Thanks for all your replies and for not picking up on my terrible spelling!

#31073 Hi Julie

Totally agree too.

This wasn't sparked off by that 'Tonight with Trevor McDonald' programme on Friday by any chance?

I watched that and it made my blood boil; it was almost totally one sided, making out that people who go b. are all exploiting the new insolvency law and taking the p1$$ like that guy they interviewed.

I dunno about the rest of you guys, but I'm getting a bit fed up with these 'debt' programmes - 'The bank of Mum and Dad' is another example. They all seem to feature spendthrifts who get into debt through by designer clothers and living the life of Riley. How about making a programme really showing the misery of debt, and that most of us don't get into it by reckless spending?!

(Sorry, didn't mean to go off on one lol!)
S xxx
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By JulieP
#31079 Yes, my post was sparked off by that programme. The problem is that the true face of debt does not make good tv.