Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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By jimmy
#201556 Hello people, hope you are well !

I have been having my wages put in a joint account that I have with my mum, but I just recieved a letter saying they want me to hand in my debit card and cheque book. It was addressed to both me and my Mother, but I think they are addressing me only. Thats fine by me, but is the bank account still alive as they state just keep within the limits of the account and everything will be fine. Maybe they have wind of my bankrupcy ???

Can I still have money paid into the account still or is the account worthless ? Can I get a basic card for it ? Or just do everything..(ie mortgage payments) through my mum.

I will be discharged on 6th December 2008 I have heard nothing.

confused ??

cheers in advance :D