Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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#466783 Hi

I declared myself bankrupt 28th March 2011 so I am near my 3 years but I have not heard anything from the people that I pay my monthly payments to throughout my whole process. Does anyone know if you should receive a letter from them confirming the end of your bankruptcy or not? I know people think why don't I faint act them but the person I spoke to 3 years ago to sort out my repayments was not very pleasant, in fact quite rude, and it is hard enough making the decision to declare yourself bankrupt without having some rude person talk to you on the phone. Help please. Thanks :D
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#466793 Hi Melanie

First thing to do is to call the ORs office and ask who is administering your IPA. I suspect it may still be with Moonbeaver. the company who in 2011 were contracted to deal with these. At the same time ask them to confirm when it should be ending.

Once the OR has confirmed who it is with, then again call them, and discussing this with them.

Providing you have paid your 36 monthly payments, then in all probably they will just tell you to cancel any standing order you have in place to them. But do not do this until you have confirmed all the payments have been made

It is not unheard of the companies to forget to write to someone on an IPA, sometimes it can be because you have moved and forgotten to tell them, sometimes the computer fails to remind them, but it something that can be dealt with over the phone

I appreciate that you are wary of folk getting snarlly on the phone towards you, but beleive me they wont, this is a very normal type of phone call, so they are able to deal with this quickly and easily. You will be surprised how many people have to do this at the end of the IPA anyway.

#466803 Thanks I will contact them on Monday and see what they say :)
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