Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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#464373 Declared bankrupt on the 1st of october 2013.

beside seeing my children born, its up there in my top 10 all time greatest moments. :D

everyone was exceptionally helpful.

no judgements, no frowning. no shame.

at the end of every month, i now have a little left over for me/us

we are saving as well.

my only regret. we didn't do it sooner!

looking forward to october 2014 when hopefully we will be discharged.

a big thank you to all the support and advice from this forum.
and a big thank you to the citizens advice bureau.
and a massive thank you to the judge and OR.

if your reading this and thinking of going bankrupt. you are in the right place for help and information.

and you have made you've first steps to a better future.
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#464393 Good to see everything is going well, beleive me the time will go quickly.

#473109 Well, I cannot believe its five years since we made ourselves bankrupt. As Tim said, time has gone quickly.

We both turned 50 this year and became grand parents to two beautiful grand children.
We still have no debt. although we do use credit cards they are paid off every month and we have more than enough savings to cover them.
Im never going to be a millionaire, but we are rich in other ways.

I do visit this site from time to time. And i do read over my post which tells my story.

This forum was a great help in obtaining information and support and I cannot thank you enough for that.

The Citizens Advice Bureaux were also fantastic as well.

Anyone reading this who is struggling/worrying with debt, stop. Stop and get help.

It will change your life! And give you your life back.

Regards. Chris.
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