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#312843 Hi,
Not really sure where to start..

I have debts from when I was in the UK, I have been continuing to pay these debts since Leaving the UK.. I am unsure if I would ever return to the UK so didn't want these debts hanging over me..

The main problem I have is with a company called MotorMile Finance.. Who the debs has recently been passed to... It was with another debt collector called Gothia.. I was paying Gothia for my debt, When I moved to Europe I didn't update my address straight away, took a few months for me to do this.. All the time I was paying this debt along with my other debts.. When I changed my address with the other companies, nothing changed with them, the DD were still going out.. But with Gothia the DD stopped.. they never contacted me once about this debts.. (ok so I didn't contact them either) For over a year I heard nothing about this debt..

Then out of nowhere this company MMF sends a letter to my mums address in the UK.. (she wasn't happy at all) I contacted MMF straight away gave them my address in Europe so that they wouldn't write to my mums address again.. I tried to set up a payment plan with them but they are having none of this..

This morning I received a letter stating that since I had ignored their contact with me.. (only automated emails asking to call them) (which i did many times) they had sent my details over to the Home visiting dept.. I contacted them again this morning and was told that I had to set up a payment plan with them.. Again I advised they how much I was able to pay them each month, and again they refused to accept that as a payment plan and told me when I could offer something better to contact them back..
I asked them what would happen in the meantime about this debt.. ( I have a SO set up to pay them each month) They told me they were going to get a CCJ against me.. This bothers me as I can only pay then a small amount which is what I offered them...

What happens when it gets to the court for the CCJ?
I read somewhere that they would send the CCJ to the last known UK address.. is that correct as I don't live in the UK and havn't for the past 3 years.. and MMF have been advised of this..
Also what happens in regards to the payments, how does the court decide how much I have to pay etc.. I am only able to pay a small amount each month to all my debts including MMF..

Am so worried about this as I cant' afford to pay off the full amount or even the reduced amount that they are offering..

Where does the CCJ go to? If it goes to the last known UK address and not the last know address (even if it is abroad) then I know this will rip my relationship with my mum apart.. :-(

Any advise on this would help..
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#312863 Hi Welshie

First question which we need to know is either which country you now live in or at least which part of the world, as that will have an impact on the advice we give.

This is because some countries have specific legislation in place that allows for certain levels of actions against UK debts, whilst others have totally different agreements in place; some countries allow UK debts to be collected, and some actually do not; some allow debts to be passed to local Debt Collectors in a countries, some countries would happily shoot someone trying to collect a UK debt

#312893 I'm living in Belgium right now..

I am still a brit, but next year I can apple to become a Belgian.. Not sure if this part will be relevent for the future or not..
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