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By sickbayer
#207429 hi all. just want to say what a informative website!! Hopefully you guys can help me out here. Ive a few questions. I got student loans from 97 and 98 to the tune of 4.5k (pounds) I left the UK in april 2000 and have been in the USA since. A month ago i got a letter from CA debt collection company telling me that Honour student loan company is seeking to collect. I gave them no comment to all there questions.
Yesteday i got my second letter saying no response to intial correspondence and failure to comply will result in further collection effort and the use of all available lawful remedies at our dispoasl. Ive got 10 days.
so my questions are
1.can they inforce it.
2.can the uk govenment back student loans be sold.
3.can it go on my credit report.
4. should i communicate with either company.
By Scouse
#207517 Dont respond to the letter, in any form. do not talk them on the phone. They cant do anything until they sue you.

Keep an eye on your US credit reports.

Who owns the debt - the Original Creditor or has the debt been sold to a Collection Agent based in the US.
Check if the OC got a County court Judgement in the UK if he has it could be enforced in the US.
By sickbayer
#207518 honour student loans owe the debt. and my folks said they have had a couple of people show up over the years asking where i am. also they have had letters too.
i could call them and ask them, but im nervous of making contact as that may start the clock over again.?
By sickbayer
#207520 i used this site to check out if i have any CCJ
And i have nothing registered against me. Will try and keep this post updated. However they couldve got a CCj against me in ,00 01 or 02 after 6 years it is taken off the registery, although it is still enforcable.