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By matt1234
#203035 Hello I am new to the board but looking for some advice… I will try to make this as brief as possible
Me and my husband are living in France with his parents. We are earning a very low income working for the family business and have 2 children. We moved here 4 years ago and defaulted on our debts about 3.5 years ago. We managed to get all the creditors to freeze the interest and have been offering a full and final settlement figure (which will be paid by my inlaws) for about 3 years. I managed to settle one debt with Morgan Stanley for 10% but all others remain. I am quite comfortable handling the calls and providing information to prove I cannot make any payments at this time, but now am concerned it may have moved to another level!
My husband largest debt is with HBOS and is £10K and in December it was passed to yet another DCA called Arrow. They contacted us this week for the first time with the usual standard letter but said the debt had now been appointed to a French company TCMS France who have also sent a letter demanding payment. They do not speak any English and our French is only intermediate so his mother spoke to them and they were very aggressive (luckily she can handle her own!) and it was the usual talk, he needs to make a payment, well he can’t as he doesn’t have it, well he needs to make a payment. After much pressure he confirmed that they have not actually bought the debt but are now managing it.
Anyway, my questions are
1. Do they have any legal standing to demand payment
2. Can they come to the house to take possessions? Technically we don’t own alot but he is a Gerant (director) of the family business so does have a small amount in shares of the business
3. Can they take him to court in France?

Thank you and any other advise is welcome