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By Stowaway
#187083 Please note

Me - Stowaway - i work for the biggest high court enforcement office in the UK. I deal with thousands of CCJ's and writs every day.

Just to let you know i offer friendly impartial advice should anyone require any.

You can find me mainly on consumer action group too.

By buggy
#204945 Hi Stowaway,
Please could you tell me if Statutory Demands or Court Summons can be served on the Debtor to a mailbox address in the UK?
I have some debts but most of them have been sold to DCAs. They try put as much pressure as they can on me to scare me and make me pay.
I don't have a permanent address so I live with friends. I don't want to give their address to the creditors.
I would appreciate your suggestions if not advise.