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By whatnow
#174188 Hi again,
The amount that the Debt Company are chasing me for is around £8k.

Since it has been over 4 years since I left the U.K I cannot apply for a Bankrupt order.

What is the best way to deal with the Debt Company, I was woundering ....
Do they now own the Debt or are they just a agent for Lloyds.

Could I offer them a reduced settlement figure ( from reading this site I understand they buy them them for next to nothing). Would they accept this or what would they expect me to do e.g a monthly repayment. as they have no real ways of coming after me here in ireland

If I cleared this debt what are the chances of the flood gates opening and the rest of the Creditors coming after me.
just tyring to access my options
Thanks again
By tezza
#174195 though im not 100% sure on the laws in Ireland, I doubt they can enforce it via the courts. (dont jump on me im not suggesting he should not repay debts).

Im sure they could take it court in the UK but could not enforce it in Ireland which would leave you in a good position to sort something out with them.

there is not a lot they will be able to do to you as you are not living in the UK where the debts belong.
By whatnow
#174413 Thanks Tezza

Have alot of thing to do over the weekend
By whatnow
#176479 I'V made contact with the DCA and they have giving me a settlement figure.

Should I accept the figure and pay it of should I haggle them a bit.

Will they come down more ?????? or is this thier finial answer.

Thanks for any comments
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By marknlinz
#176481 depends, what percentage of the original amount is it?
By whatnow
#176501 Hi marknlinz

i make it out to be around 20%

Thanks for your thoughts