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By onerabbit
#169046 Hi everyone,

there are plenty of postings regarding UK citizens leaving debts behind when relocating to other countries but I am experiencing the opposite of this. I have lived for many years in Germany but due to lack of opportunities have had to come back to the UK to earn a decent living. I have tried for almost two years to reach an agreement with my four creditors in Germany but without success. I have permenent residency in the UK since May and would like to approach my creditors again from these shores.

Bankruptcy lasts six years in Germany. About one year here in the UK. My goal is to reach an IVA with them if at all possible.

Any feedback much appreciated

By nomoneybigdebts
#169051 Hi onerabbit :)

Unfortunately I can't help you with an IVA as I don't know enough about them.

However I do want to welcome you back to britisch shores :lol: .

For me it is the opposite: We are going back to Germany after BC.
Hubby will have a job so nothing to worry about there. We will also have somewhere to live.

Maybe you could help me though: For BC we will need to let the OR know about living expenses in Germany and as we haven't got a clue :? and would have to wait about three months to get an idea it would be great if you could give us an idea.
We know how much rent we will be paying and how much the Nebenkosten are going to be, also we will be paying approx. 200 Euros per month for Gas and Lecky.
What we don't know is how much we will be spending on shopping every week. I know this is a bit of a grey area as it's very individual, but some rough guesstimate would be nice.
There are only two of us, we don't live extravagantly, but we like to eat well and we love fresh fruit and veg (expensive over here).

Many Thanks and welcome back again, nmbd
By onerabbit
#169054 Food prices in Germany are generally less than in the UK. About 20% less I would guess. Alcohol is much cheaper. But Lidl in the UK sometimes sell rebadged german products slightly cheaper than in Germany! I bought some black forest smoked ham on Saturday for a £1. I would have paid 20% more in Germany. Same product though. I think some of the more obviously german foodstuffs are treated with suspicion in the UK and have to be heavily discounted to sell here at all.

But it's things like rents, insurance, fuel and travel costs that show really huge differences between the two countries.

Generally about 20% cheaper to survive in Germany.
By nomoneybigdebts
#169082 Thanks onerabbit :)

Generally about 20% cheaper to survive in Germany.

That should please the OR :lol: .
20% more for an IPA.

Thanks again and best wishes nmbd :flower:
By nomoneybigdebts
#169306 Hi onerabbit :)

Just out of interest, do you speak german? Can you write german?

If you can I might be able to help a little.

Best wishes nmbd
By onerabbit
#169362 Ja, lesen und schreiben fliessend.
By nomoneybigdebts
#169370 Hi onerabbit :)

I will post a link for you to a German Debt Forum. They have all sorts of advice on there. From how to negotiate with your creditors to getting a basic bank account.

Hope this helps nmbd
By onerabbit
#180777 Hi NMBD,

where are you now? Both in a status and a positional sense?
Already BR? Back in Germany?

I was declared BR on the 19th Dec. Lovely Xmas present to myself! I'm also back in Germany looking for a new job and appreciating all I was missing while having to do the six months required to go BR in the UK. What hard work that was! Thank God the UK legal system gave me the right to go this way.


By Iphigenia
#180778 Froehlichen Konkurs!!

Well, 'Konkurs' is what tells me is German for 'bankruptcy' ~ curiously, it's a word I never learnt!

I read somewhere that bankruptcy still has more of a stigma in Germany, is that true? And are there daily difficulties for bankrupts, like not being able to get bank accounts?

I hope to retire to Germany one day ~ not yet, and I was discharged 8 months ago, and I'll NEVER get into that mess again but I'm still interested to know.

When I learned German, a million years ago, the longest word I knew was Wiedervereinigung, so at 18 it sounded like I could discuss world events knowledgably! (I'm guessing it's not a word for foreigners to bring up in casual conversation) but useful phrases have sometimes slipped through the net. Can you help me with the one I find most daunting:

In a post office: How much does it cost to send this card/letter to England?

Sorry to leap in on your thread, and geniessen Sie Ihres neues, schuldenfreies Leben in Deutschland!