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At Unite, we are dedicated to serving the best interests of our members. We seek to improve their standard of living and quality of life though effective relationships with employers and government.

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But we also realise that for some members life can be particularly challenging with circumstances outside of work having a very real impact on the way they live. With the ever-rising cost of living, we understand how some people might easily find themselves struggling with debt problems and need to seek help and advice.

We believe that dealing with debt shouldn’t have to mean living in despair and so through our dedicated debt management services, we can offer you a wide choice of solutions that could not only help control your debt but also help restore your sense of hope and well-being.


As a member of Britain’s biggest trade union, you will already be aware of Unite’s commitments towards your welfare at work.

We’re here to help

Through our preferred providers of debt management services, we are able to present you with practical, long-term solutions that enable you to deal with your debt while getting on with your life at work and at home.

Our association with PayPlan, one of the UK’s most trusted debt management companies, means you can take advantage of the many options open to Unite members. It may be a structured, formal debt plan or simply advice about how to cut costs on life’s everyday essentials. Either way, you’ll have the chance to look at your debt differently and to take control of your future.

Should you decide to turn to us for help, you’ll receive experienced, professional advice at all times and, best of all, it won’t cost you a penny.

Not sure if you need help? Here are some signs that may mean you need some help and advice managing your debts:

1.) Don’t know how much you owe?

Not knowing how much you owe could mean that you’re shying away from your finances. It could be that you don’t want to know, but without facing your money worries, you won’t be able to regain control.

2.) Putting off the post

Many feel like they need to ignore the bills and letters that drop through the door. Demands and chase letters can be overwhelming, but there is advice available to help put your mind at rest.

3.) Over-reliance on credit cards

Whilst many of us use credit cards from time to time, if you find you need them to pay for everyday essentials like food or utility bills, it could mean that you’re overstretched financially.

4.) It’s affecting your personal life

If you find yourself worrying about your finances, or the stress is affecting your work, health and relationships, coping with the everyday strains can feel ultimately more difficult.

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