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When you’re worried about debt, the stress can make you feel much worse.

Thankfully there are a few simple ways of helping to alleviate the pressure..

5 ways to “stress-bust”

  1. Talk to friends/family/colleagues, especially anyone who has experience of similar situations and might be able to give you advice from their own experiences.

  2. Don’t try to hide your emotions – share them with someone (or if you are unable to speak to anyone, at least write them down). If you talk about your feelings or put them down on paper, they are less likely to build up and get out of control. Try not to suppress your emotions!

  3. Reflect, then make a decision and get on with it. If you take action it will distract you from worrying, make you feel that you are actually doing something positive and help you feel in control, all of which reduce the feeling of panic and make you feel calmer.

  4. Take a break when things are getting too much – a quick walk round the block or watching a film might distract you enough to give you a more realistic approach or give you the time to gather your thoughts.

  5. Be comfortable with small successes and limit the expectations of the people around you. This might sound strange but they will then be happy with a result that is short of perfection.


An untidy environment creates confusion and a sense of loss of power. If your desk/home/car is messy and disorganised, have a good clear out and tidy up. You’ll instantly feel more in control.


Sit upright on a chair and keep your back straight, then extend your arms out in front of you as far as you can. Hold this position for about ten seconds. Then repeat, with your arms behind you. Hold on to the sides of your chair and push your whole body upwards. Feel your spine stretch and realign. Hold this position for ten seconds. Now stretch your arms up to the ceiling, to release any tension in your back and shoulders. Finally, relax and shake your arms to get rid of any tension.

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