“I felt at ease with Payplan”

Name: Gavin
Age: 36
Location: Bury
Employment: Construction worker

Gavin (34) was a self-employed stone mason from Bury and found himself struggling with debt as the recession hit and he ended up being out of work for almost nine months.

He had no money so took out a bank loan and was also relying on two credit cards.  “I carried on as normal thinking everything would be okay,” said Gavin.  “I was living beyond my means and ended up with five or six payday loans.  I was just about scraping by.”

Gavin never missed a payment but still found himself £20,000 in debt.  When he knew he had to do something about it he ‘Googled’ ‘debt help’ and Payplan’s details came up.

“I felt at ease with PayPlan,” he said.  “They advised me on an IVA.  I know that in five or six years it’ll all be over.”

He pays £55 into his IVA but feels a responsibility to pay off his debts as early as possible.  “I got myself into this situation so it’s up to me to sort it,” he said.  

Gavin is now fully employed as a stone mason and is busier than ever.  “I feel a lot more set up than I did a few years ago thanks to PayPlan.  I’m budgeting now and make sure I always use cash.”