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IVA Calculator

IVA Calculator

If you’ve ever browsed online for details about Individual Voluntary Arrangements, you’ve probably come across any number of companies offering an ‘online IVA calculator’.

How do online IVA calculators work?

Very often, these ‘calculators’ are little more than a clever attempt to capture your contact details, so the company can phone or email you to offer their services. So beware of entering your personal details unless you want them to contact you.

We wanted to create a different IVA calculator that actually shows you how an IVA works and how much of your debt could be written off. We don’t capture any details, you simply move the slider to enter your total debt amount and the calculator will show you how much debt you could get written off and how much you will have to pay back.

To make our calculator as representative as possible, we based our calculations on the average debt write off percentage for our associated company PayPlan Partnership. We wanted to base our calculator on real figures so you could get a true idea of how an IVA could help you.

What’s the alternative to an online IVA calculator?

If you’re looking for an online IVA calculator, what you probably want to know is the answer to this question:

“Do I qualify for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)?”

Whilst our calculator can give you a rough idea of how much debt you could have written off, the simple fact is that just by entering a few details online, it is virtually impossible to tell whether you will actually be able to be approved for an IVA. This is because you’ll need to go through a full assessment of your income and outgoings, and use the services of an Insolvency Practitioner to draw up a detailed IVA proposal to put to your creditors. Your IVA will only be approved if at least 75% (in monetary terms) of your unsecured creditors who vote on your IVA, vote to accept your proposal.

Do I qualify for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement?

Whilst the decision to approve or reject an IVA application ultimately rests with your creditors – because they get to vote on whether to accept your proposal or not – there are a few key things that you normally need in order to consider applying for an IVA.

If you can answer ‘Yes’ to all the following questions, you may qualify to apply for an IVA:

  • I can’t repay my unsecured debts in full within a reasonable amount of time
  • My total unsecured debts are around £7,000 or more
  • I owe money to two or more unsecured creditors
  • I have a monthly available surplus of £50 or more to put towards repaying my unsecured debts

Is an IVA the right debt solution for me?

Just because you may seem to fit the basic criteria needed to apply for an IVA, it doesn’t mean that this will necessarily be the right debt solution for you.

Before you commit to an IVA, you should be aware that if your IVA is approved and you fail to keep to your agreed payments, your creditors may petition for your bankruptcy. They may also re-apply interest and charges. Only those unsecured debts included in your IVA may be discharged when it ends – any excluded debts will still remain outstanding.

During your IVA, there will be restrictions on your expenditure, and if you are a homeowner you may need to release equity from your home to pay off your debts. If a re-mortgage is necessary, this may be at a higher interest rate than you are currently paying. If you cannot re-mortgage, your IVA will be extended by up to a further 12 months.

By embarking on an IVA, your details will be entered into a public register, and your credit rating will be adversely affected.

That’s why it’s important to consider all available debt solutions before deciding on which route to take.

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