“Never looked back”

: Jeanette
Age: 40
Location: Preston
Employment: Administrative Assistant

When Jenny gave birth to her son, she suffered from post-natal depression and racked up huge bills on her credit cards as well as a demand for a £15,000 tax credit overpayment.

“I can’t say what I spent it on. It was just a coping mechanism,” said Jenny.  

At first she managed to keep on top of the repayments but when the recession hit her husband started to lose work as a builder’s supplier and they quickly found themselves in arrears with their mortgage.

As they struggled to meet the bills, Jenny took out payday loans to try and make ends meet.

“Life was awful. I didn’t dare answer the door and had caller ID installed on the phone,” she said. “I blamed myself and tried to keep it all a secret from my husband by putting the phone on silent and rushing home to intercept any mail before he could get it. I was exhausted.”

It was only when the mortgage company took them to court that Jenny finally revealed everything to her husband.

“Someone that works for the mortgage company came round to look at all our unsecured debts.  As he was leaving, he gave us a piece of paper with three numbers on it and explained that we should give one of them a ring. Payplan was the first number.”

“We contacted Payplan and have never looked back.”

 “I’m a completely different person now.” She said. “Debt opens up your eyes to the way you behave with money. Now if I want something, I save up for it first.”

After years of sneaking around in secret, Jenny is very open about her IVA.

“I try and tell everyone about it to encourage them not to make the same mistakes I did.”