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Christmas is a time for family, friends and food. We Brits love a Christmas dinner, but we’re also keen on Boxing Day leftovers…or are we?

It’d be so easy to go out after Christmas, and dine in pubs and restaurants, but what about the food you cooked up on December 25th? A 2018 article from The Guardian highlighted that up to 2m kilos of Christmas cheese was due to be wasted last year.

We don’t make the most of the food we have in the UK, so why not make the most of your leftovers this Christmas? Here are a few ideas to whet your appetite:


Sandwiches are the king of lunches and can accommodate pretty much all of the leftovers you have from Christmas Day. You can go for a classic turkey, cranberry and stuffing, or a simple cheese and pickle – the opportunities are endless when it comes to a sarnie.

Bubble and squeak

This Boxing Day classic is a perfect way to use up a mix of your leftovers. Ideal for veggies and meat-eaters alike, you can enjoy a warm and filling meal that is great for groups. Check out the BBC’s Good Food recipe and get inspired.


Our nation loves a curry and there’s no better excuse to crack out the spice than with a leftover turkey or potato curry. It’s easy to make, and you can choose the heat level to suit any taste. If you want to go all-out, make sure you have some onion bhajis and poppadums stored away – just make sure you use up all of your leftovers first!

Christmas Dinner #2

If you have so much food leftover, you could do it all again!


That’s a (turkey) wrap. Hopefully, you have been inspired to get experimental with your Christmas leftovers and save on food waste. You’ll also save on money as a result, which is surely welcome after a busy month of spending.

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