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Money saving ideas from Payplan

  • Money Saving Tips for Pet Owners

    Written by PayPlan

    Being a pet owner is a big responsibility, and it takes a lot to decide if you are able to take on the challenge. Alongside providing endless love, affection and entertainment, your pets can also be a financial burden, with both upfront and ongoing costs; it’s easy for the bills…

  • Ways to save the environment and save money!

    Written by PayPlan

    There is a lot in the news at the moment about how we are all using too much plastic and the need to cut down in order to save our oceans and the planet. You may think that cutting down on plastic can be expensive, but long term it can…

  • Six Tips for Saving Money During Half Term

    Written by PayPlan

    Today our guest blog is from Charli, who writes over at One Wage Family, here she gives us her top tips for saving money with the kids over half term! Another half term is nearly upon us and that means many parents are faced with the task of keeping the…

  • A Healthy Holiday On A Healthy Budget

    Written by PayPlan

    As the nights draw in, the temptation to get away on holiday can be irresistible. While a week of winter sun may be out of the question, there are still plenty of ways to bag yourself a few days away on a budget.

  • Switching Bank Accounts: The Best Perks and Freebies

    Written by PayPlan

    While the practice of switching providers to reduce your energy bills or mobile phone costs is well documented and commonly used, one easy money hack that is less commonly used is the process of switching bank accounts. There is always an option out there regardless of your income or budget…

  • Keep The Kids Entertained This October Half-Term

    Written by PayPlan

    It only seems like five minutes ago since the summer holidays, but we’re now fast approaching the half-term break. Although we love spending time with the kids, even a week off can prove pricey when you take into account childcare, transport, trips to the cinema, meals out . . .…

  • Buy to Save: The Purchases That Keep You Quids In

    Written by PayPlan

    While we’re not encouraging you to go out and splash the cash, there are times when a little investment really pays off. Those of us on a budget know that a big supermarket shop is less expensive than multiple trips to a convenience store or that a flask of coffee…

  • How to do Valentine’s Day on a budget

    Written by Chelsea Potter

    The run up to Valentine's Day brings with it a certain amount of pressure to do something special for your partner and when budgets are tight you may find yourself worrying that you are unable to create the perfect day or evening. We have created a quick round up of…

  • Summer holiday savings: 5 ways to cut your costs

    Written by Chelsea Potter

    With the summer holidays about to start, we asked Experian Expert Darren Beach to share with us his top tips for saving money when travelling. If you're going abroad this summer, today's post is full of great ideas.

  • PayPlan’s new debt tool: Diagnose Your Debt

    Written by Chelsea Potter

    PayPlan have launched a new debt test to see how well you are managing your money. Diagnose your Debt asks a series of questions centered around the most common debt warning signs and will use your answers to highlight how debt savvy you are.

  • Top Tips for Curbing your Daily Spending Habits

    Written by Niall Davison

    It doesn’t matter how many big money decisions you make or how many tough choices you take to get your debt under control: if you’re spending too much on day-to-day stuff then you’ll struggle to fix your finances. A coffee, a snack and a magazine, for example, and suddenly you’ve…

  • Loyalty points can save you cash

    Written by

     You might already have a few supermarket and store loyalty cards in your purse but are you aware there are others that could help you accrue points and save you cash?Greggs launched its own loyalty scheme last year and with their Rewards account you can get free breakfasts and free…


    Written by

    In November 2014 Jennie Hammond, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, was crowned the UK’s Smartest Shopper by online voucher company Savoo.  As well as working full time she writes and maintains a money saving blog at and in her first blog for the Living Room she talks about her own…

  • Easter entertainment – through the eyes of a child.

    Written by Tracey Davies

    It’s the Easter holidays and if you’re already stuck for ideas on how to keep your children entertained without breaking the bank, then look no further.We asked groups of local schoolchildren to give us their best ideas on what they like to do without even leaving the house.Family spa day…