Today, GamCare has launched a new toolkit for organisations to support people affected by gambling-related financial harm.

The leading gambling support charity’s toolkit is for financial institutions, gambling businesses and debt advice agencies across the UK. As a result, these organisations will better be able to recognise, support and refer customers and provide consistent communications.

So, what’s the impact of gambling debt?

Around 70% of callers to the National Gambling Helpline mention gambling debt or financial hardship. Both gamblers themselves and their loved ones can experience harms because of gambling. 

A gambler in financial hardship will likely come into contact with many different services. However, the advice they receive could be inconsistent and may miss important information, for instance. To address this, GamCare has brought together leading organisations and people with lived experience of gambling harms. 

How to access the toolkit

The toolkit is available for free on GamCare’s website. It includes customer messaging and referral pathway guidelines, tailored to each sector. For instance, it has guidance on training staff to give them confidence to support impacted customers.

In conclusion, these resources can help key industries to provide effective support to customers, giving them the help they need.
Anna Hemmings, CEO at GamCare, says: “People struggling with gambling present in different ways and often opportunities are missed to provide the support they need. Ensuring that frontline staff are equipped to help and refer to appropriate support is a huge step in improving the outcomes these customers experience. This toolkit, with the support of businesses, charities and gambling operators themselves, is vital to putting those pathways in place.”

Emma Gibbons, Vulnerable Client Manager at PayPlan, says: “It has been a privilege working on this toolkit with GamCare to help open up important conversations around gambling and debt.

This project has allowed us to develop important guidance and communications for the benefit of vulnerable clients and the organisations that support them. Our experience of clients disclosing a gambling addiction as a cause of problem debt has enabled our team to offer policies, procedures and conversational techniques for the toolkit. We look forward to seeing the results of this new initiative and helping to break the stigma when it comes to talking about gambling and debt.”

About the programme

GamCare launched the Programme in November 2019. As a result, they bring together the banking, gambling and debt relief sectors to tackle financial difficulties caused by gambling. In addition, they share best practice support, better identification and effective customer support.

Visit GamCare’s website to access the gambling-related financial harm toolkit.