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  • BWP

    PayPlan team raises £1,500 for Broxtowe Women’s Project

    Written by Tom James

    The team at PayPlan have been busy raising money for East-Midlands domestic abuse charity Broxtowe Women’s Project (BWP).BWP offers support for individuals directly and indirectly affected by domestic abuse, but they also work with businesses (like PayPlan) to help staff understand how best to support customers suffering from domestic abuse,…

  • attending court when summonsed

    Why attend court when summonsed?

    Written by PayPlan

    In this guest blog, Alan Murdie, LL.B, Barrister discusses why he believes people should attend court when summonsed. When I was at Bar School in the 1980’s, we were essentially taught:“You will be a barrister with rights to appear in all courts and tribunals. You will be instructed by a solicitor.…

  • National Domestic Abuse Helpline

    Demand rises for National Domestic Abuse Helpline

    Written by Lizzie Marlow

    Earlier this month, Refuge announced that its helpline has received more than 40,000 calls and contacts since the start of lockdown. June saw a 77% increase in contacts to the National Domestic Abuse Helpline and an 800% increase in website visits.In response to COVID, Refuge launched a new ‘live chat’…

  • Domestic Abuse Training Santander

    PayPlan and Santander raise awareness of domestic abuse

    Written by Lizzie Marlow

    Throughout June, PayPlan upskilled a group of individuals at Santander on domestic abuse awareness in a financial service setting. The National Domestic Abuse helpline, which is run by Refuge, reported a 25% increase in calls and online requests for help since the lockdown. With this added pressure, there has arguably…

  • Financial goals

    PayPlan’s support for tenants in financial difficulty

    Written by PayPlan

    Rachel Duffey, CEO of PayPlan, blogs about the bespoke support on offer for Housing Associations. This unique service has been developed in partnership with Orbit Group, as part of their Better Days community investment programme.PayPlan has been providing free debt advice for over 25 years. Over that time, we have…

  • Coronavirus warning

    PRESS RELEASE: PayPlan warns about future demand for debt advice

    Written by Tom James

    One of the UK’s free debt advice providers, PayPlan, has said it expects to see a huge surge in demand for debt advice when the current temporary relief being offered by lenders comes to an end.The FCA called for interest and charges to be frozen on all loans and credit…

  • council tax

    Computer Says No – Council Tax with Alan Murdie, LL.B

    Written by Will Lyon

    Alan Murdie, LL. B, Barrister gives his views on council tax in this guest blog: I have long maintained that council tax is an example of a science fiction scenario, where the computers have taken over. This has been a theme for many years in stories where human beings end…

  • Types of credit and debt

    Here’s Why Your Bank Balance May be About to Shrink

    Written by Tom James

    New rules from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) are shaking up the way bank balances are presented to account holders. Here’s why your bank balance is going to look a little bit different… What’s going on?The FCA – a financial regulatory body in the UK – has brought in new rules…

  • Christmas-debt

    Is Christmas Unaffordable for the Average Household?

    Written by Tom James

    Recent research from PayPlan has found that over half of parents will rely on their credit cards to cover their essential living costs this Christmas.Christmas is a time for spending with loved ones, but this usually results in overspending and denting the bank balance. There’s a lot of pressure to…

  • Talk Money Week

    Let’s talk debt and pensions during Talk Money Week 2019

    Written by Tom James

    What is Talk Money Week?Personal finance is often seen as a taboo subject but Talk Money Week is here to help break the stigma. Running from 18-22 November 2019, this year the campaign will be focused on pensions.Organised as part of the Financial Capability Strategy for the UK, the aim…

  • Buy now pay later

    What impact are Buy Now, Pay Later schemes having on consumers?

    Written by Tom James

    What is a buy now, pay later scheme?Buy now, pay later (BNPL) schemes are offered to customers at the point of purchase to allow them to spread the cost of what they are buying. Some retailers offer these services in-house and other use external companies who specialise in this.When choosing…

  • Financial goals

    Talking Money Matters on World Mental Health Day

    Written by Tom James

    World Mental Health Day takes place on 10th October 2019. Results from a recent PayPlan survey, along with advice from the Samaritans, highlight the importance of seeking money advice sooner to try and support mental health problems. What is World Mental Health Day?Campaigned for by the Mental Health Foundation and recognised…

  • Shout: Supporting People in Crisis

    Written by Will Lyon

    In recognition of World Suicide Prevention Day, we’re speaking to PayPlan Team Leader and ‘Shout’ volunteer Laura Evans. We sat down with Laura to find out more about how Shout offers support to people in crisis. Hi Laura, what can you tell us about Shout? Shout is a national non-profit…

  • Samaritans and PayPlan talk on suicide prevention

    Written by Tom James

    Every year in September, organisations around the world campaign to raise awareness of suicide prevention for World Suicide Prevention Day. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the Samaritans to talk about suicide prevention ready for #WorldSuicidePreventionDay. Why is it important to talk about suicide? According to the Samaritans’ website[i], there…

  • sub prime credit cards

    Sub-prime credit cards: are they worth the risk?

    Written by PayPlan

    Trying to get credit when you’re in debt, or have a poor credit score, can be incredibly frustrating.  It might be the case that you’ve got a less-than-ideal credit score due to a County Court Judgment a few years ago, or had a few missed payments on a mobile phone…

  • fake websites worry

    Don’t be fooled by fake websites!

    Written by PayPlan

    Are you worried about fake websites? We know that there’s no shortage of debt advice companies in the UK. Some, like us, offer free advice and free debt management plans, whilst others offer free advice but charge both a set-up fee and monthly fee to manage your plan. Whilst we…

  • client case study

    Client Story – Amy

    Written by PayPlan

    How much debt were you in when you asked PayPlan for help? When I initially called PayPlan to see if they could help me, I was in around £15,000 worth of debt. I said to the person on the phone “it’s a lot isn’t it?” and they replied with “it’s…