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  • An Expert Opinion… Debt Relief Order with Diane Watson

    Written by Will Lyon

    Hi Diane, can you briefly explain what it is you and the DRO team do here at PayPlan? My role is the Competent Authority Liaison, which means I’m the link between PayPlan and the Insolvency Service. I am also an Approved Intermediary. Our experienced Debt Advisers will speak to clients…

  • The Financial Struggles of Being a Single Parent

    Written by PayPlan

    There are many reasons single parents struggle financially, and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Being a single parent is hard, especially when there’s only one monthly paycheck instead of two and you have to put more money into childcare whilst you go to work.We’ve outlined some of the struggles…

  • Has Universal Credit been a failure? – We asked our clients

    Written by PayPlan

    With food bank use still rife across the UK and a considerable amount of in-work families still needing to use food banks, the controversy over Universal Credit rages on. In order to make sense of how well Universal Credit is (or isn’t) working, we decided to go to PayPlan clients…

  • Become debt free – 5 tips from a PayPlan client

    Written by Emmanuelle Kopliku

    Want some motivation this fine Monday morning? Nothing inspires us more than the story of a PayPlan client who successfully became debt free. Alongside our many success stories, these helpful tips and tricks from our previous client, Andy, could help you become debt free. Andy’s Story Andy and his partner Jo…

  • Gambling Addiction & Debt

    Written by PayPlan

    I recently read about a man who has gambled since he was 12 years old. He believed he needed to gamble in order to survive. He is now older and married with 2 children, yet he still gambles. His wife does not know that he gambles and if he loses…

  • Mental Health Awareness Week

    Written by PayPlan

    Mental Health Awareness Week takes place each year in May. We all understand that it is important to look after your mental health, but how do we do this? There are many physical warning signs that you may be struggling with your mental health. You may experience headaches, mood swings,…

  • It’s Time to Break the Taboo of Debt

    Written by Skint Dad

    As a family, we first started talking about debt in 2013 when things got to the lowest point. We were skint – proper skint. It wasn’t about being able to afford a few pints at the pub, we didn’t have enough money to even get a food shop. Our debt…

  • Case Study – Mike

    Written by PayPlan

    Mike (50) first came to PayPlan in 2012 with £17,000 of debt. Mike needed to carry out some urgent maintenance on the property where he lived.

  • PayPlan announced as finalist for Debt Advice Provider of the Year

    Written by PayPlan

    PayPlan have been shortlisted for Debt Advice Provider of the Year for the Credit Awards 2018, which has been the industry’s flagship event for over 20 years. They have been recognised for their work in creating an end to end Digital Advice Journey making it easier for clients to access…

  • Case Study – Diane

    Written by PayPlan

    Diane (39) reached out to PayPlan for debt help in 2014. Between herself and her husband they found themselves with £45,000 worth of debt. Diane and her partner were applying for adoption. During the process it was explained to them that they wouldn’t be accepted as adoptive parents unless they…

  • Case Study – Katie

    Written by PayPlan

    Katie (30) reached out to PayPlan when she was 25 years old, and had £12,000 worth of debt. Katie went to university and when she graduated had a student overdraft of £2,000 as well as a credit card. At the time, she was living in Leeds and after a relationship…

  • Case Study – Richard

    Written by PayPlan

    Richard (38) reached out to PayPlan in 2008 with £15,000 of debt. The company that Richard was working for at the time were unreliable at paying wages. They would sometimes pay employees less one month and more the month after to make up for it. The unreliability of his wages…

  • Case Study – Scott

    Written by PayPlan

    Scott (32) came to PayPlan 5 years ago with £6,000 worth of debt. The majority of his debts were with credit cards, payday loans and catalogues. At the time, he was also in a relationship with someone who was constantly borrowing money from him, and this made it even more…

  • Caring for the Carers

    Written by Niall Davison

      When Martin’s mother became ill in 2013 he took some time off work to care for her. He’d worked for the same motor dealers for 25 years but despite this, Martin lost his job because of the amount of time he’d taken off and it was being unemployed that…

  • Worrying problem of elderly in debt

    Written by Payplan Ryan

    When Judith (72) looks back on the amount of debt she was in she can’t pinpoint the exact reasons why she owed so much.“It was nothing in particular, no splashing out on a car or anything like that,” she said. “I worked for Lloyds Bank for 30 years and when…

  • Supporting Armed Forces’ veterans

    Written by Payplan Ryan

     Royal Marine veteran John (64) served his country for 30 years and rose up the ranks to Warrant Officer Class 1. He saw service in Cyprus, Bosnia and both Gulf Wars and was awarded the Queen’s Gallantry Medal for action during the Falklands’ War.John doesn’t like to talk about the…

  • General Public Believe Cameron Can’t Budget

    Written by Anthony Hill

    Ahead of this week’s general election, we quizzed 12,000 people struggling with money on how they thought the party leaders would deal with living on a limited budget.See the results in our infographic What do you think?Share your comments below.