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Money Saving Ideas 21 Sep 2020

Your Guide to Saving Money at Lunchtime

One of the UK’s top money saving brands, vouchercloud, discovered that making lunch at home could save you around £1,300 a year.Their survey revealed that 62% of British workers chose to purchase their lunch during the week, costing over £1,800…

Living in Debt 16 Jan 2020

New year, new credit card debt?

Another Christmas has come and gone, and another January has arrived, which can only mean one thing…credit card debt, and lots of it.The festive financial hangoverEvery year, thousands of Brits brace themselves for letters from their credit card providers as…

Living in Debt 3 Dec 2019

5 Ways to Make Christmas More Affordable

Christmas might still be six weeks away but it is an expensive time of year - a time when a lot of people start to feel overwhelmed by the costs and turn to credit for help. This week's blog post…

News and Stories 11 Oct 2019

What impact are Buy Now, Pay Later schemes having on consumers?

What is a buy now, pay later scheme?Buy now, pay later (BNPL) schemes are offered to customers at the point of purchase to allow them to spread the cost of what they are buying. Some retailers offer these services in-house…

Money Saving Ideas 31 Oct 2017

A Healthy Holiday On A Healthy Budget

As the nights draw in, the temptation to get away on holiday can be irresistible. While a week of winter sun may be out of the question, there are still plenty of ways to bag yourself a few days away…

Money Saving Ideas 8 Apr 2013

The Payplan guide to getting married on a budget.

While your wedding day can be one of the best days of your life, the cost of getting married can easily spiral out of control, especially if you get caught up in the excitement and keep adding things to your…

Living in Debt 11 Feb 2013

Change in Circumstances with an IVA or DMP

For many of you that are in debt, you may find yourself managing your finances on a tight-rope, with one small change in circumstances having a dramatic knock-on effect. When the change is big, the sustainability of your carefully constructed…

Money Saving Ideas 9 Jan 2013

How to get rid of unwanted Christmas gifts

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving – and whilst gift giving comes with the best of intentions, not everyone gets it right. Every year, British households are inundated with presents that may be unwanted and often go unused.…

Money Saving Ideas 2 Nov 2012

Top 5 tips for staying out of debt as a student.

Moving out of your family home into university halls of residence is a huge step for most students – not only is it the first time you are living away from home, but it is also the first time you…

Money Saving Ideas 17 Sep 2012

Are we a nation of Shopaholics and “Comfort” spenders?

As a woman I am well aware of the dangers that "comfort" shopping can bring. A bad day at work, bad mood, row with the other half or general stress from life; anything can trigger that feeling of emptiness that…

Money Management 24 Jul 2012

The Payplan guide to reducing your outgoings.

Families are struggling with wage rises frozen, but the cost of living on the up, and many are turning to loans or credit as a way to deal with essential payments.

Archive 16 Mar 2012

Mothers Day on a budget

Mother’s Day is just a few days away, a day for us to celebrate all that our mothers do for us. As with all ‘holidays’ like this, many see it as an unnecessary cost, but it doesn’t need to be…

Archive 7 Mar 2012

Reducing your outgoings.

In this current climate trying to reduce your outgoings is a constant uphill struggle as it seems on a weekly basis we face rising costs in gas, electricity, water, phone bills, food or fuel. However if you are savvy with…

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