With the festive season nearly upon us, and with one of the biggest expenses over the season down to the food we indulge in, so we’ve decided to write up a few ideas on how to cut the food bill down this year.


Do you have some items in your cupboards and freezer that have just been there forever? Now is the perfect time to use them up to make more space for your Christmas food shop. Whether its leftover ingredients from an old recipe, or some frozen items that have been there forever – you will be able to find recipes online that takes your fancy.
Why not focus your weekly meals on what foods are in season to use that month? Buying out of season produce can be much more expensive. Have a look at our blog on how eating seasonally can benefit your health and bank balance for more information. This will also save you money in the run up to Christmas and cut down your weekly food shopping bill.

It sounds simple, but another method to prepare is to write down a budget and a shopping list! Decide what meals you’re having over the Christmas period and shop for those items. You’re less likely to pick up other items on your way around the supermarket if you have a clear focus on what you need.

Don’t over do it

The shops are only shut for a few days over the Christmas period, so it can be easy to overspend and buy more than necessary. By doing this you can end up going over budget, and also end up creating unnecessary food waste.

Remember how many people you’re cooking for. You may be inviting some family members over to visit and more people to cook for, it’s easy to do too much. If you do end up over doing it, then take a look at these Christmas leftover recipes.

Think ahead

It may only be mid-November, but keep your eyes peeled when you’re doing your weekly food shopping and search for any offers you can take advantage of. Are your favourite treats 2 for 1? Is there a share box of chocolates on offer? These little savings will add up, and be a lot better than buying all the items at full price.

Shopping in the evenings can also mean getting a bargain or two as you find reduced stickers on items which are nearly past their shelf life. If you buy something fresh, by putting it in the freezer it will keep for the next few months. If you’re buying the meat in advance to freeze then just remember to defrost it before the big day!

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