You might think this article is irrelevant to you, particularly if you’re relying on credit cards to pay for those extra expenses at the end of the month. But by making a few small changes you can improve your financial situation. Everyone has to start somewhere!

Firstly, if you don’t have any spare cash at the end of the month, think about what you could do to change this. Do you buy lunch at work every day, or could you make it at home and take it yourself? Do you really need to take the car today or could you save on petrol and walk? It’s the little changes that really help in the long term. Visit our Save a Fiver a Day Facebook page and get handy daily tips on how to save money every day.

Peace of mind

Having an emergency fund set aside can give you peace of mind, especially when those unexpected events happen. You might find yourself needing a replacement tyre on your car, a new washing machine, or a buffer if you find yourself in between jobs for a few weeks. These unexpected expenses happen to everyone, and it’s always handy to have some money put away for a rainy day.

There are wellness benefits to living a stress free and financially independent life. And, there’s a truth behind the fact that happiness can come from being organised. There’s a lot that you don’t have control over in life, but by being prepared you’re able to take back a little bit of that control.

One great reason to save up is for a holiday! You have earnt your money for you and your family and by being sensible and saving, you can enjoy it. But it may not be a luxury item like a holiday that you’re dreaming of – perhaps just buying the children’s Christmas presents rather than using a credit card is treat enough.

Save, save, save!

If you’re likely to spending your wage before you know it, then a good way to ensure you’re saving is to set up a standing order to a savings account. This way you won’t have to remember to put money away, and you’ll automatically be adding a little bit each time. There is a great article from The Money Advice Service on tips for choosing a savings account.

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