PayPlan supports calls for bailiff reform and enforcement review

Written by Hannah S on 26 July 2021

We have welcomed calls for bailiff reform as part of new proposals to raise standards across the enforcement industry – and support proposals for a new Enforcement Conduct Authority (ECA). 

This recommendation is outlined within a new report produced by the Centre of Social Justice – with input from the debt advice and enforcement organisations.

Alistair Chisholm, our Head of Advice Sector Policy and Partnerships, said: “Most people don’t understand what rights they’ve got when a bailiff arrives on their doorstep. Bailiffs have strong powers, but bailiff firms are exempt from independent regulation, and are scrutinised less than other debt collectors and lenders. This needs to change.

“The proposed ECA falls short of the statutory regulation that we believe is the best solution, but this new body is a step forward. We welcome the chance to collaborate and develop better protections for people dealing with debt and enforcement.

“It’s not just the enforcement sector that needs to change. The Government is reviewing the way public sector debts are collected, and we look forward to action in this area.  Some public sector debt collection is still too aggressive – for example court action should not be allowed after just one missed payment Council Tax payment and one reminder.”

PayPlan is a member of Taking Control – a coalition of 12 charities and advice organisations campaigning for independent regulation of the bailiff industry and other reforms.

Find out more about the partnership work that we do here.

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