On 22 April 2022, free debt advice provider PayPlan’s specialist support team received a call regarding a client’s debt management plan (also known as a DMP).

Sadly, the client had recently passed away, and his daughter, Jane, acting on behalf of her mother, Magda, as her appointed and authorised third party, was helping her to manage the financial situation.

Receiving help from PayPlan

Jane called PayPlan to discuss her late father’s plan to find out how much debt was outstanding. She explained to PayPlan that his creditors had started to chase up his outstanding debts and Jane was concerned about what needed to be done, especially as there were assets – including a property – involved.

PayPlan explained how they work closely with the National Bereavement Service (NBS), who provide information on the statutory requirements following loss, such as the registration of death and probate, as well as practical and emotional support.

Specialist support from The National Bereavement Service

With consent, the adviser transferred Jane through to a bereavement support worker at NBS. They assisted with the next steps and provided Jane and Magda with some advice.

One week later, the same PayPlan adviser followed up with Jane to find out how she’d got on with NBS.

Jane said they’d been extremely helpful and reassuring. In addition to what PayPlan had already assisted with, NBS were able to provide specialist support regarding the handling of her late father’s estate.

They provided Jane with some letter templates and she mentioned she’d be contacting them again in the future as needed.

Jane said: “We had so many questions around my father’s debt when he passed. PayPlan answered some but passed our more specific ones over to the National Bereavement Service.

“We were getting inundated with letters from everyone my father owed money to – and were feeling overwhelmed. National Bereavement Service offered advice and sent me template letters to send out to my father’s creditors.

“This has given us time to try to get an understanding of his finances (or lack of) – and the headspace to deal with it.

“We’ve been particularly grateful for this at a time when we’re all still very upset.”

To find out more about the National Bereavement Service, visit their website here