Extra financial support is available for those aged over 66, and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is urging all residents to see if they’re eligible.

The DWP has also asked family members to check if relatives are missing out on an income boost that could be worth an average of £3,300 a year.

Residents could be eligible for Pension Credit and the Government department says that a new interactive Pension Credit claim form has been introduced to help even more people over 66 claim for the extra support.

It is understood that a new claim for Pension Credit could be processed in as little as 40 days meaning the extra financial support could arrive by October when energy bills are set to increase even further.

The price cap is set to nearly double from £1,971 to £3,549 and could reach more than £5,386 by the start of next year, according to analysts at Cornwall Insight.

How to check if you’re eligible

One of the quickest ways to find out if you’re eligible, and how much extra you could potentially be paid every week, is to use the Pension Credit calculator on the GOV.UK website here.

The DWP introduced the new interactive Pension Credit claim form to help more people over 66 claim the support worth around £3,300 on average each year.

It can be completed online, downloaded and posted to the Pension Service and could be useful for those who cannot claim the benefit online or over the phone as progress on the 24-page application form can be saved and completed at a later time.

Benefits advice

You should always check to make sure you’re getting the benefits you’re entitled to. You may be entitled to additional benefits that could help you greatly with housekeeping costs, bills, childcare and more.

Don’t presume that because no one has told you that you’re entitled to a certain benefit or allowance, you’re not eligible. Some benefits, such as Child Tax Credits, rely on you making a claim and won’t be given to you unless you do so.

To check if you’re entitled to any benefits, speak to the Welfare Benefits Adviser at your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau or use our free online benefits calculator.

The calculator is free to use, and the details you provide are anonymous. Before you start, make sure you have information about your savings, income, pensions and existing benefits (for you and your partner).

We’re here to help if you need debt advice or to organise breathing space to give you some time to help you deal with your finances, get in touch with us today here.