If you have recently received a letter from ‘The IVA Council’, then make sure you read this.
Recent press coverage of The IVA Council (IVAC) has exposed its false claims made in letters sent to people already in IVAs which attempt to link it to government and The Insolvency Service. The letter’s recipient is warned that they might be a victim of mis-selling by their Insolvency Practitioner resulting in a possible refund of fees and contributions. A “government licensed debt adjuster” is offered in support of this claim. However, The Insolvency Service has confirmed that there is no relationship between the two organisations and that its lawyers are currently investigating the situation. Any person in an IVA who has received a letter from IVAC needs to be aware of the following:
IVAC has no ‘Consumer Credit Licence’ number evident on its website. You need this to be able to give debt advice, according to the requirements set out by the Office of Fair Trading IVAC offers no ‘Data Protection’ registration details which is necessary for a business that will be recording data. IVAC has no ‘Limited Company’ (Ltd) details, registration number or company address which is a mandatory requirement on all emails and letters from any Ltd company IVAC has used the logo of IP trade body R3, which it does not have permission to do. Credit Today published that ‘numerous attempts’ to contact IVAC had been unsuccessful. (25 October 2007)