Do you know someone who’s got a bit stuck in a rut and doesn’t seem to know how to get out of it? Why not give them a bit of encouragement, it might just uplift them and have a positive impact on how they deal with their situation!

There are many ways to provide someone with encouragement – you can offer them inspiration if they’re down, give out a compliment, offer advice,  smile to a stranger or even just high-five a co-worker.

Encouraging someone to talk about their financial worries

Being in debt is still a taboo subject and many people are embarrassed about getting into financial difficulty – particularly if it’s a result of gambling or from taking out pay day loans for example. People may also not want to disclose their worries to their partner or close ones as they feel they’ll burden their problems on them.

Speaking out about what’s going on is the first step to sorting problems out though, which is why it’s important to keep an eye on those around us and give them a bit of encouragement if you feel they need it.

Although there is professional help available to support people who are struggling with all aspects of their life, such as finances, mental health, bereavement, or family crises, employment or relationships, there are a range of things we can do to spot if someone needs a bit of support.

Some of the tell-tale signs someone is struggling include whether they:

  • Have been in debt in the past
  • Have had a recent life-changing event
  • Are living beyond their means or overspending
  • Seem anxious, withdrawn, or depressed
  • Seem more secretive
  • Have changed their spending habits
  • Seem tired or are having trouble sleeping
  • Have suddenly lost or gained a lot of weight

Encouraging friends and family members to talk about their problems can really help to improve their state of mind and encourage them to take steps to improve things. Some people do struggle to talk about their problems and may be a bit embarrassed – but once they have it off their chest, hopefully they’ll be encouraged and inspired to reach out for support.

If someone you know is struggling with any aspect of their life, it’s important for them to know there is help available.

For any debt-related problems, PayPlan is here to provide free and non-judgemental debt advice to anyone who’s worried about their finances.

We also have a team dedicated to providing appropriate support to particularly vulnerable clients.

Other organisations that offer support on non-debt-related issues, include:

  • The Samaritans
    Tel: 08457 90 90 90
  • Mind
    Tel: 0208 519 2122
  • NHS Anxiety UK
    Tel: 08444 775 774

Remember a little bit of encouragement can go a long way in helping someone – either just to lift their spirits – or inspire them to reach out for extra support and get their life back on track.