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A survey from Experian found that the average Briton spends over 0 on alcohol, food and drink for Christmas. This total includes an average £53 spend on topping up the drinks cabinet at home! Dry January may be just the ticket for some.

Kicking the booze after a busy Christmas and New Year break might sound like a welcome relief, but keeping up the seasonal spirit is equally as appealing to others. However, it may be wise to take a break from the drink as it could have benefits for your health. Your bank balance will thank you too!

What is Dry January?   

Dry January is a public health campaign (run by Alcohol Change UK) designed to get people to stop drinking in January. This one-month challenge highlights the health benefits of taking a break from alcohol after Christmas.

The benefits of dry January

When you go out for a drink, it all adds up. Indulging in late-night food and ordering taxis can also add to that total. That money could be better spent with your family and friends. You may also want to keep some back for emergencies. If you do want to go out to your local pub, they’ll sell cheaper soft drinks too!

If you take a break from the drink, you could shed the pounds from your waistline, not your pocket. Beer, wine and mixers can boost your daily calorie intake significantly – a typical pint of lager is 180 calories! Find out how many calories are in your favourite alcoholic tipple, here.

You will benefit from cutting out the booze as you won’t have to worry about morning hangovers. These can affect your performance at work and in everyday life, such as when you’re driving. You can drive safely, as your body will be clear of any alcohol that can affect your concentration. This is great for you and those around you, so do bear this point in mind.

Dry January withdrawal symptoms

Suddenly giving up alcohol will be a shock to the system and your body may take time to get used to the change. If you are concerned about having withdrawal symptoms as a result of going dry, please consult your local GP for advice.

If you find that giving up the drink completely isn’t achievable, you may be better served enjoying one at home and using up any leftover drink from Christmas. This will save money and you can still enjoy the same fun with your friends and family from the comfort of your sofa!

Going dry in January could inspire you to cut back throughout the year and save thousands of pounds. You could put that money towards paying off Christmas credit, treating yourself or others, or saving it up for a rainy day. Who knows, starting now means you could become a money saving expert by the end of the year!

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