As part of 2019 Mental Health Awareness Week, we want to share a story about one of our clients who found themselves in financial difficulty and the effect it has had on their life.

Christina Burns is a mother of three from the West Midlands and she shared her experiences with us. She turned her life around and her journey is inspiring. Read it here:

<p?“Being in debt definitely had a negative impact on my mental health and my general wellbeing suffered as a whole. I felt very anxious, stressed and would have sleepless nights.

“I was worried about paying my bills as a result of my ex son in law taking credit out in my name. I found it really hard to understand why someone you thought you could trust could do that to another human being.

“There weren’t any warning signs of getting into debt for me. It all started to happen after my ex son in law moved out, and the credit card bills started to arrive – not even the police could help me at that point.

“Since seeking support from PayPlan, my stress levels have definitely reduced. I feel calmer and more reassured about my situation. We have a plan and seeking the advice has improved my mental wellbeing.

“To other people who find themselves in the same situation, I’d urge them to talk about it as soon as possible. As a whole, I think our society could do more to talk about finances and especially what happens when someone takes credit out in your name. I’d also urge people not to divulge any security numbers to anyone, not even people that you should be able to trust.

“Life would have been different if I didn’t have the help and support from PayPlan. They made me a stronger person; showing me there was light at the end of the tunnel and that one day it would all be okay. My life is very different now that I’m debt-free, but I will never forget the kindness and support bestowed on me by everybody I came into contact with at PayPlan.

“I hope that my story will help, even if it’s just one person. Never be afraid to ask for help because the help is there and someone willing to listen and advise.”

We appreciate Christina’s honesty and hope her story has inspired you to get into a better financial situation or work towards improving your mental health.

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