“I am beyond happy with how the whole process worked out for me. Once I contacted PayPlan it was so simple.”

Maggie initially went into her bank to arrange an overdraft, but instead came home with a large loan in her name. It was affordable at the time though as she and her partner were both working and Maggie regularly did overtime.

But when the overtime stopped and her wage reduced, Maggie found it extremely hard to make the monthly payments on her loan and pay for all her other everyday living costs. In the end she started using credit cards to make ends meet.

In 2012, Maggie’s partner became ill and had to stop working. He was self-employed at the time, and wasn’t entitled to sick pay or able to claim benefits. It was then up to Maggie to support the household with her sole income.

“I was terrified of bailiffs turning up at my door and I knew I had to deal with my problems.”

When the debts started to spiral out of control, Maggie contacted PayPlan after researching online how to deal with them. After explaining her situation, she was set up with a Debt Management Plan, which was the most suitable solution for her circumstances.

She has also since adapted her spending habits and does not live beyond her means.

Maggie continues to work and manages her finances now without any worries. Even with the recent increase in living costs Maggie can live comfortably whilst making an affordable payment towards her debts.

Maggie has found being in a DMP so simple and says contacting PayPlan has made her feel able to hold her head up high.

“I really appreciate all the helpful advice and guidance PayPlan have given me.”

Maggie now manages her finances better and would advise others to think twice before taking out credit they might not be able to afford.

“If you’re thinking about entering a new financial contract, and there’s any doubt in your mind you can’t afford it, then don’t do it. Your circumstances could also change, so it’s not worth risking the nightmare of financial uncertainty. If you ever do get into financial difficulty, seek professional advice before it gets out of control.”

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