How much debt were you in when you asked PayPlan for help?

When I initially called PayPlan to see if they could help me, I was in around £15,000 worth of debt. I said to the person on the phone “it’s a lot isn’t it?” and they replied with “it’s not that much in comparison to a lot of other people we help.” That immediately made me feel better about my situation.

What debt solution did PayPlan set up for you?

PayPlan set up a four-year Debt Management Plan (DMP) for me, meaning that they took control of everything; they wrote to all of my creditors, got interest frozen on most of the accounts and took over communications with the creditors. This meant that all the scary letters and phone calls at my end stopped, making me feel that so much weight had been lifted, and instead of making multiple payments to many creditors, I paid one lump sum to PayPlan and they distributed it out. Again, this made my life much easier and less stressful.

What was your monthly payment after you’d set up your debt solution?

My monthly payment plan to PayPlan came in at approx. £300 per month, a whopping 0 less than I was struggling to pay out before. Before I called PayPlan, my outgoings were more than my incoming and I really struggled to see a way out. After getting everything set up with PayPlan, I could genuinely see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Was your monthly payment a fair and realistic amount to pay? Was it affordable?

Considering the amount of debt that I had and what I was originally paying each month to creditors, my monthly payment was very fair, it was so relieving to have just one simple payment leaving my bank account every month, making it much easier to manage and budget with household bills/utilities.

Did you get debt help from PayPlan online or over the phone?

I initially got help from PayPlan by calling them, they then advised me of all the information I needed to provide and arranged a convenient time to call back and go through my finances. The call back was approx. 30 minutes, and after this call and your plan being in place you can manage your entire account online and via the app, which makes things so easy. If ever you need to get in touch urgently they’re always able to help with one phone call.

This process was repeated once a year to enable PayPlan to ensure my plan was still the best option for me; you can also repeat the process if there is ever a change in your circumstances. PayPlan always make sure that you are on the best plan for you. A truly personally tailored service.

How was your experience with PayPlan?

My experience with PayPlan was relieving, satisfying and literally life changing! They helped me find a way out when I genuinely didn’t think there was one. My life went from working and struggling to get by to being able to have a life while clearing my debt. It was the best thing I could have done. The day I got the email from PayPlan telling me I was debt free I cried genuine tears of happiness!

Would you recommend PayPlan to other people who need help with their debts?

I 100% encourage anyone needing help with their debt to get in touch with PayPlan! It was literally the best thing I could have ever done, what PayPlan do for you is amazing, they take all of the stress, the worry and the general management of debt juggling so you can get on with life in general, without constant fear of the phone ringing or a letter on the doormat.