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Surveys & Polls 8 Dec 2020

PRESS RELEASE: 82% feel financially insecure going into 2021

Our recent client survey shows the shocking reality of how people have coped in 2020, and how they feel heading into Christmas and the New Year Two thirds of us (66%) saw their income drop due to COVID-19 82% of…

Client Stories 19 Feb 2019

Has Universal Credit been a failure? – We asked our clients

With food bank use still rife across the UK and a considerable amount of in-work families still needing to use food banks, the controversy over Universal Credit rages on. In order to make sense of how well Universal Credit is…

News and Stories 5 May 2015

General Public Believe Cameron Can’t Budget

Ahead of this week’s general election, we quizzed 12,000 people struggling with money on how they thought the party leaders would deal with living on a limited budget.See the results in our infographic What do you think?Share your comments below.

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