No one likes a hangover, but at this time of year but you may find yourself waking up with a sore head on more than one occasion! Unfortunately, there’s no definite ’cure’ for a hangover. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to speed up the recovery process to make you feel a bit better.  Here’s our list of the best hangover cures to help you blow away the cobwebs on the cheap.

Three hungover party goers

#1 Have a drink … of water

When you‘re enjoying your festive tipple for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations,  make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the evening. This can help to rehydrate you and prevent the worst of the morning hangover. (It’s also FREE!) Remembering to drink water between each alcoholic beverage can be a little difficult to keep up with, so if you do forget then make sure you replenish any lost fluids in the morning by drinking plenty of water. You might want to try sipping often to prevent nausea instead of drinking large glasses of water all at once.

#2 Take your vitamins

Vitamin pills definitely boost the nutrients and vitamins you may have lost the night before. If you haven’t got any multivitamins and need a cheaper, alternative hangover cure then why not try broccoli, sprouts or even the good old spinach. These contain a rare natural combination of vitamin C and B vitamins – suggested as the most effective vitamins in the case of the common hangover.  If these greens don’t appeal to you while hungover then why not try a smoothie with reinforced vitamins?


#3 The scientists say sprite!

The  reason why this is one of the best hangover cures is that you’re likely to have sprite sitting in your fridge! Chinese researchers found that sprite could be the best hangover cure. However, if you are reading this with a hangover already you may be too late for this elixir. The study suggests that drinking sprite could help you if taken BEFORE you start drinking your alcoholic beverages. This might be a good one to keep in the bank for next time.

#4 R&R

We like this one as it’s one of the most natural and best hangover cures. It’s very likely that if you have been up late drinking and celebrating, you didn’t sleep as much as you needed to. This could be half of the reason why you are feeling so bad in the morning. For this top tip our suggestion is to drink some water and go back to bed. After all, sleep is the body’s natural way of healing itself. If you find that you can’t get back to sleep, make sure you at least rest. Don’t do too much and definitely don’t drive!


#5 Ginger

Do you have a hangover and worry that you’ll throw up? People have used ginger as a cheap hangover cure for generations; it’s especially useful for vomiting and nausea. It’s best taken as either a tablet, raw or in tea. You could always try ginger beer as an even cheaper alternative. Some say that the fizz also helps.

#6 Food glorious food!

There are many arguments about whether you should eat, shouldn’t eat and what foods make the best hangover cures. Our best advice is to go with your gut instinct. If you do feel like food will help you, here a few of the best ideas we have found:

  • Full English breakfast – many people swear by a good old fry up!
  • Well done toast
  • Oranges or citric fruit
  • Bananas
  • Pretzels
  • Vitamin-fortified cereal – see #2

#7 The ultimate cheap hangover cure

The most popular cure for a hangover is also the most obvious one! Yes you guessed it – don’t drink in the first place. In fact why not try a Dry January for 2020? 88% of participants say that they save money. 71% of participants had better sleep and there are plenty of other benefits too. Why not sign up today?

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