Wellbeing is a subject very close to our heart here at PayPlan, and, over the years we’ve learned debt can have a very damaging effect on personal wellbeing, which is why we work with several specialist partners to ensure our customers have access to the very best holistic support.

The wellbeing of our team is important to us too. March saw the launch of our in-house Vitality Week, a special initiative, where each day was dedicated to a different aspect of health and wellbeing.

Why did we launch Vitality Week?

We launched this event to offer some extra streams of support to our team, with a variety of free sessions and activities put on throughout the week to support them.

What did Vitality Week involve?

We kicked the week off on Monday 28 March with a Mental Health Day, which involved a live mental health webinar, delivered by qualified counsellor, Kathy Rolington.

Kathy’s session involved a discussion around mental health awareness and invited the team to carry out their own mental health MOT.

On Tuesday, Emotional Health Day saw a group of us get together for a lunchtime dog walk. This was followed by a webinar in the afternoon delivered by Talking Menopause, designed to help raise awareness of the menopause, increase levels of understanding and provide some useful tips on those going through this transition – or for loved ones who want to better support their partners, family members or friends.

We got together for a company-wide quiz on Wednesday as part of our Social Health Day and, being a large business, it was a great opportunity for colleagues who may not have crossed paths before to get together and make some new connections.

Thursday was all about financial health, a subject unsurprisingly close to our heart. Although we regularly discuss the importance of financial wellbeing with our customers and provide advice around this, it’s good to check in ourselves once in a while to stay up-to-date with the latest guidance, so we can in turn pass this onto our customers too.

Our Vulnerable Customer Team Manager, Natalie Sentance, delivered two powerful financial health seminars, which discussed important money-saving and income maximisation ideas, which are especially important now as the country struggles with rising living costs.

Physical health was the theme for Friday. The team had the opportunity to attend two yoga classes delivered by qualified teacher Anna Fornal. We also provided mini seated massages to those working in the office throughout the day, delivered by therapist Camille Bennett.

Why wellbeing matters

Rachel Duffey, CEO of PayPlan, said: “Wellbeing is something we talk about here a lot, especially financial wellbeing, but it’s important to remember that overall wellbeing also includes our physical and psychological health.

“Wellbeing is essential to quality of life and someone achieving their life goals and dreams. Each and every individual in our team’s wellbeing is of huge importance to us and we’re dedicating weeks to this specific cause each year.”

Our Vitality Weeks will continue to run throughout the year. In addition to this, a lot of focus has been on strengthening our existing policies, such as safeguarding, and introducing new policies into the business. We’ve also introduced Mental Health First Aiders throughout the business to further support the team in their wellbeing.

If you’re interested in finding out more about improving your financial health, visit our Financial Wellbeing Hub for more information.