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  • become debt free

    Become debt free – 5 tips from a PayPlan client

    Written by PayPlan

    Want some motivation this fine Monday morning? Nothing inspires us more than the story of a PayPlan client who successfully became debt free. Alongside our many success stories, these helpful tips and tricks from our previous client, Andy, could help you…

  • Which Debt Should I Pay Off First?

    Written by PayPlan

    When your lenders are constantly phoning you, and you have received several ‘final reminder’ letters, you might be losing sleep about which debt you should pay off first. All debts need to be paid eventually, unless you have an agreement…

  • Can Debts Be Written Off?

    Written by PayPlan

    This is one of the most common questions that people ask us, and the short answer is ‘when you’ve paid back what you owe’. But if there is no communication between you and your creditors, and six years elapse, the…

  • Is It Better To Have Good Debt or No Debt At All?

    Written by PayPlan

    As well as having a negative impact on your finances, bad debt can leave you stressed and unhappy – that’s why most of us want to avoid at all costs. You may think it’s best to be completely debt-free, but…

  • Money Saving Tips for Pet Owners

    Written by PayPlan

    Being a pet owner is a big responsibility, and it takes a lot to decide if you are able to take on the challenge. Alongside providing endless love, affection and entertainment, your pets can also be a financial burden, with…

  • Home Repossessions And Possessions

    Written by PayPlan

    As a homeowner or tenant, it’s natural to be worried about what would happen if you fall behind on your mortgage or rent. Unemployment, illness or a sudden drop in income can soon make monthly payments unmanageable, especially if you…

  • Am I Still Liable For My Debts?

    Written by PayPlan

    The world of personal finance can be tricky to navigate, and one of the most common questions asked on our forum is whether you’re still responsible for old debts, or ones your ex-partner has racked up. Below, we’ve provided answers…

  • Will Debt Collectors Come To My House?

    Written by PayPlan

    We’ve probably all seen TV shows where bailiffs turn up at someone’s house, either to evict them or seize their possessions to repay their debts. Programmes like these often make for difficult viewing, but they are particularly distressing if you…

  • Gambling Addiction & Debt

    Written by PayPlan

    I recently read about a man who has gambled since he was 12 years old. He believed he needed to gamble in order to survive. He is now older and married with 2 children, yet he still gambles. His wife…

  • Ways to save the environment and save money!

    Written by PayPlan

    There is a lot in the news at the moment about how we are all using too much plastic and the need to cut down in order to save our oceans and the planet. You may think that cutting down…

  • Will debt collectors sue?

    Written by PayPlan

    Living with money worries is often the cause of sleepless nights, especially if you’re concerned about debt collectors taking you to court. When you fall into arrears on a credit card or loan, the creditor can launch legal proceedings against…

  • Welsh Government set to abolish Council Tax Imprisonment

    Written by PayPlan

    PayPlan’s reaction to Welsh Government abolishment of council taxAlistair Chisholm, head of advice sector policy and partnerships at PayPlan, wrote an industry report ‘I can’t believe we still do that: council tax report’ in November 2017.  The report, a joint…

  • What Happens to Personal Debt After Death?

    Written by PayPlan

    Most of us would like to think that our relatives are going to be looked after when we’re not around anymore, or at the very least, be sure they won’t inherit any debts we might have built up over the…

  • What’s the difference between debt and credit?

    Written by PayPlan

    There are times when you may feel like you can’t get away from credit card and loan advertisers, offering no end of tempting deals. But behind the slogans, it can be difficult to work out whether a product is right…

  • Mental Health Awareness Week

    Written by PayPlan

    Mental Health Awareness Week is taking part throughout the UK from 14-20 May. We all understand that it is important to look after your mental health, but how do we do this? There are many physical warning signs that you…

  • It’s Time to Break the Taboo of Debt

    Written by Skint Dad

    As a family, we first started talking about debt in 2013 when things got to the lowest point. We were skint – proper skint. It wasn’t about being able to afford a few pints at the pub, we didn’t have…

  • Case Study – Mike

    Written by PayPlan

    Mike (50) first came to PayPlan in 2012 with £17,000 of debt. Mike needed to carry out some urgent maintenance on the property where he lived.

  • Our favourite cheap food items!

    Written by PayPlan

    If you’re looking at ways to cut your monthly costs, one thing you can’t do without is food! But that doesn’t mean you have to splurge on takeaways and the finest brands in the supermarket… you can still eat well…