Five Money Saving Tips

Many of us have noticed the recent rise yet again in fuel prices at the pump, which, according to the AA, are now at their highest in 2009. Now is therefore a good a time as any to ensure you’re not wasting money on other unnecessarily high household bills. Here are five money saving tips to help you on your way to reduce the cash you spend each month:

1. Fuel Friendly

The cost of running a car on a day to day basis can become costly and many people fail to realise that the way you drive can affect the amount of fuel consumed. Travelling at a slower, constant speed in a high gear and avoiding erratic breaking and acceleration helps to conserve the fuel you use. Keeping tyres pumped up at the correct pressure and avoiding carrying any excess weight will also make fuel last longer. Making sure you have the correct oil in your engine also aids the general economical running of the car. Read this article for further vehicle fuel efficiency tips You can also make savings on car maintenance online by visiting and

2. Find the Cheapest Home Energy Provider

With the average cost of utility bills now totalling more than £1,000 a year, it is possible that many people could save hundreds of pounds just by changing suppliers. Payplan have partnered with Scottish & Southern Energy to offer competitive gas and electricity prices to help you save money on your gas and electricity bill. Click here to find out how you could save money on your home energy bills

Water Meter

For those not already on a water meter, it may be worthwhile looking into how one may benefit you. Those people living in a household with more bedrooms than occupants are likely to benefit the most – contact your water supplier for further information or visit

3. Internet Phone & TV

Similarly, for those with separate phone, internet and television providers, it may be worth looking to change packages, or simply not renewing subscriptions to expensive cable or satellite services. You could consider Freeview as a far cheaper alternative – as the name suggests, it’s free!

4. Manage your Mobile Bill

Mobile phone contracts are often a substantial drain on the pocket each month and so if possible, contact your service provider to see if they can revise your monthly contract and assess whether you can lose those extra minutes or unlimited texts that never get used. If necessary it may be beneficial to revert to a pay-as-you-go mobile. This way you only pay for what you use.

Mobile Recycling

If you have any old mobiles lurking around, it may be worth looking at companies such as, who will give cash back for them.

5. Food Shopping

Always write a list before you shop and stick to it – that way you will avoid any impulsive, unnecessary buys. You can also create your shopping list online and compare prices between the major supermarkets in one place – visit Additionally, taking a packed lunch to work can save you significant amounts of money compared to what you can pay for something that’s ready-prepared. And remember, supermarket own brands do not necessarily have to affect the quality of the food you buy!

Shop Smart Online

Use the internet to shop around for the best prices and take advantage of the many offers that are now readily available online. Voucher code websites like and offer great discounts and offers on a wide range of products and services across the web. Shopping behind a screen could ease the temptation and pressure to impulse buy often encouraged by the grandeur of the displays in High Street stores.