Payplan - An Introduction

Payplan offers comprehensive advice, guidance and support for anyone struggling with debt. Our purpose is to help people find a way out of debt and enable them to take back control of their money.

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If you have money worries, have fallen into debt, or simply need help with budgeting, get in touch for free, confidential advice and support.

Since 1992 Payplan have given money advice to over one million people in the UK.In fact many organisations including the Citizens' Advice Bureau, the Police Federation and unions such as Unison refer their clients to us because they know we can be trusted to give the best money advice possible.

This is why every Payplan client can be confident about the support they will receive, knowing that we will do everything we can to help them maximize their income, reduce their expenditure and manage their money effectively.

Payplan - How We Are Funded

So if our clients don't pay us a monthly fee for their debt plans, how does Payplan make money?

Payplan's long experience has allowed us to develop debt solutions that can really help our clients find a practical way out of debt.

Either way, whether you maintain your DMP or IVA, you will not pay us a monthly fee and you don't pay any upfront fees either, as you would with nearly all other UK debt management companies.

How our Debt Management Plans are funded

A Payplan Debt Management Plan is funded in a unique way.

Rather than charging our clients, we pay 100% of your regular monthly payment to your creditors to clear your debt as soon as possible.The credit industry recognises our services and many creditors agree to pay us a small donation for providing this service to you.

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Payplan provides expert, impartial & confidential advice & debt solutions that are FREE to our clients.

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Our impartiality enables us to deal with all creditors, so we don't favour any creditor more than another, and we're certainly not affiliated with any creditor.

Our aim is to find you a solution that is sustainable and realistic so you can repay your debts at a rate you can afford.

Our reputation for helping people out of debt has grown over the years, winning huge support from creditors and organisations that are keen to help us provide people who are serious about repaying their debts with a totally free debt management service.

How our IVAs are funded

Unlike most companies that provide IVAs, Payplan's Insolvency Practitioners do not charge upfront arrangement or assessment fees.

The monthly payments that you make into your arrangement will cover the payments to your creditors as well as the Nominee's and Supervisor's fees involved in an IVA. These fees will not affect your monthly payments, as by agreeing to the terms of the IVA your creditors agree to accept a lower debt repayment into the arrangement. This means that your IVA payments should always remain affordable for you.

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Payplan provides expert, impartial & confidential advice & debt solutions that are FREE to our clients.

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Payplan - Advantages

We don't believe you should pay for debt management and with Payplan's Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA) and Debt Management Plans (DMP), you won't pay any of the fees you'd normally associate with repayment plans.This can enable you to repay your debts quicker than if you became a client with a fee-paying company.

We start by listening to you. Nobody's situation is exactly the same so it's important for us to understand individual concerns and priorities. Our advice is confidential, independent, non-judgmental and free of charge.

We understand that when money worries are constantly on your mind the effect it can have on your work, your family life, your health and your relationships can cause a huge amount of stress.Sharing your concerns with those closest to you isn't always an option but ignoring these worries can make things worse.

This is why every Payplan client has personal attention from fully trained professional staff offering a variety of solutions to help you get out of debt.

Another part of Payplan's debt help services is to help you to budget more effectively.We offer our clients free access to a range of complementary products including membership schemes tailored precisely to protect unexpected expenses such as those associated with sickness, loss of job, car breakdown or household appliance breakdown.These complementary debt help services are all designed to help you minimise what you spend on everyday essential living costs, as this can boost your surplus income and your chances of clearing your debts.

PayplanPlus - Your Free Personal Online Account Manager

All Payplan clients get free access to our secure and private online account management system; PayplanPlus.This is a unique web-based community that is available specifically for our clients, and is a major part of Payplan's service to help you achieve your goal of becoming debt-free.

See how easy it is to manage your payplanplus account online

Using PayplanPlus it's easy to track all the payments you make and see at a glance what you've paid into your plan, and to whom.

You can directly contact your personal case officer any time through PayplanPlus, and our comprehensive glossary will explain all kinds of terms that you might find on creditors' letters.

PayplanPlus will also provide you with step-by-step notifications of any information that we might need from you to keep your plan running smoothly

One More Thing...

One of the most common phrases we hear at the end of someone's first call to us is, “I wish I'd called you sooner”. Even if you just want confirmation that you're dealing with your debts in the best way, it's worth getting in touch with us, because our advisers have great experience in dealing with unsecured personal debt problems.

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Payplan provides expert, impartial & confidential advice & debt solutions that are FREE to our clients.

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Example Plan

Debt: £10,400
Creditors: 3
Was paying: £437 per month
Now paying: £250 per month

In this typical example, we arranged a DMP for our client who was struggling to repay his debts. His payments are now much more affordable!

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