Meet the Partnership Team

Peter Munro Photo

Peter Munro, Partnerships Director

Peter has board level responsibility for PayPlan’s Partnerships. With over 15 years experience operating at senior levels in the financial services sector and then the debt advice sector Peter has developed a unique understanding of the industry.

Peter passionately believes in the holistic benefits of debt advice for consumers and creditors and has helped shape best practice throughout the industry with innovations such as the PayPlan ‘Referral Hub’, ‘One Touch API Referrals’ and the ‘PayPlan Data Sharing Service’.

If you are a creditor organisation and would like to find out more about how PayPlan can support your customers with free debt advice, email Peter.

Andrew Alder Photo

Andrew Alder, Head of Partnerships

Andrew works with lenders across the UK to offer their customers meaningful outcomes through effective debt advice strategies. By working closely with creditors, Andrew can confidently help identify where PayPlan’s market leading free debt advice model can support their customers.

Over recent years, Andrew has led projects including PayPlan’s Data Sharing Service and has been involved in multiple industry-leading credit award wins for PayPlan. His extensive knowledge of digital journeys and customer strategy add value to the partnerships he manages across the creditor industry.

If you are a lender or a debt purchaser and would like to know more about how PayPlan can help your debt customers, email Andrew.

Iona Murray Photo

Iona Murray, Business Development Implementation Manager

Iona has a vital role to play in our creditor relationships and works alongside our key referral partners to keep them updated on the debt advice outcomes their customers have received. She’s a whizz with numbers and keeps a keen eye on data trends, using her expertise to make continuous improvements to our referral channels, and the digital client journey.

Iona is also PayPlan’s main contact for Housing Associations and manages a number of commissioned services for organisations in this sector, such as Orbit Housing Association and Longhurst Group.

If you are a creditor organisation or a Housing Association and would like to find out more about PayPlan’s service, email Iona.

Alistair Chisholm Photo

Alistair Chisholm, Head of Advice Sector Policy and Partnerships

Alistair is responsible for PayPlan’s work to improve policies and practices that affect people in financial difficulty. His background of working in the advice sector and alongside government bodies mean that Alistair’s passion for fair, transparent and meaningful support for people who need it shines throughout his work.

Over the past few years, Alistair has successfully led PayPlan and the IMA’s joint work on campaigning to end the imprisonment of council tax arrears, he continues to change practices for survivors of domestic abuse and forms key relationships within the voluntary and free advice sector.

If you would like to get in touch about a policy issue or you are a free advice organisation interested in a partnership conversation, contact Alistair.

Helen Clarke Photo

Helen Clarke, Partnership Development Manager

With an active role in the North East Money Advice Group, Helen is highly regarded within the advice sector and among money advisers. Her ten years as a debt adviser before becoming one of PayPlan’s free advice sector experts in 2003 means Helen is the go-to contact for many advice professionals.

As a subject matter expert on Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), Helen travels the length of the country delivering technical training to support advisers in the free advice sector. Helen is also PayPlan’s dedicated manager for supporting employers and Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) to provide employees across the UK with access to free debt advice.

If you would like to find out more about IVA training, are interested in partnership opportunities or would like to offer free debt advice to your employees, get in touch with Helen.

Antony Price Photo

Antony Price, Partnership Development Manager – MIMA Cert, CPPI

Antony has been with PayPlan since 2004 and so is perfectly placed to explain PayPlan’s advice process, customer journey and procedures. With professional qualifications in money advice and Insolvency Certification, Antony provides consultation to advisers who would like further guidance on specific, often complex, cases.

During his time at PayPlan, Antony has spent several years on the road supporting and getting to know the free advice sector. As a professional trainer, Antony has been instrumental in upskilling PayPlan advisers and external colleagues in the free advice and creditor organisations who have attended one of his accredited training sessions.

If you would like to find out more about training or are in the free advice sector and are interested in partnership opportunities, contact Antony.

Jane Clack Photo

Jane Clack, Money Advice Consultant – MIMA Cert, CPPI

Jane is often described as PayPlan’s ‘fairy debt mother’, which is down to her dedication to supporting people who are in need – and because she’s one of our longest-standing debt advisers, having been with PayPlan since 2001. Plus, if you have a question about debt (no matter how obscure), you can guarantee Jane will have the answer!

By working with unions, Jane provides advice and training for members. As well as being a Money Advice Consultant at PayPlan, Jane is also proudly the Chair of the Institute of Money Advisers and has an active role in the East of England Money Advice Group Meetings.

If you are a Union and would like to find out more about how PayPlan can help your members, email Jane.

Emma Gibbons Photo

Emma Gibbons, Vulnerable Client Manager – MIMA Cert

Emma brings to life PayPlan’s support for vulnerable clients. She is passionate about supporting all clients but works even harder to make sure that those with vulnerabilities never slip through the net.

In implementing the company’s Vulnerable Customer Policy across all elements of the business, Emma is responsible for all internal vulnerable client training and the supporting policies and procedures. Emma also delivers key external training to the free advice sector and creditor organisations on how to spot the signs of vulnerable clients and on debt and domestic abuse.

As vulnerability champion for PayPlan, Emma also sits on GamCare’s Advisory Panel to work to reduce gambling related harm across the industry.

For more information on how we can support your vulnerable clients, or information about one of the training courses, email Emma.