Are you online with PayPlan Plus yet?


PayPlan Plus – Your Free Personal Online Account Manager

All PayPlan clients* get free access to our secure and private online account management system – PayPlan Plus.

This is a unique web-based community that is available specifically for our clients, and is a major part of PayPlan’s service to help you achieve your goal of becoming debt-free.

Using PayPlan Plus it’s easy to track all the payments you make and see at a glance what you’ve paid into your plan, and to whom.

You can directly contact your personal case officer any time through PayPlan Plus, and our comprehensive glossary will explain all kinds of terms that you might find on creditors’ letters.

PayPlan Plus will also provide you with step-by-step notifications of any information that we might need from you to keep your plan running smoothly.

Stay in control with PayPlan Plus – manage your account online, take advantage of special offers to make your money go further, and benefit from extra resources to simplify your life.

How to get online with PayPlan Plus

  • If you’re already registered with PayPlan Plus, go to and login as normal. Forgotten your password or ID? No problem – you can request reminders on the login page
  • If you haven’t registered with PayPlan Plus yet, contact your Case Officer and we’ll get you set up with login details and a password straightaway while you’re on the phone

*Sorry, but PayPlan Plus isn’t currently available for PayPlan Scotland (Trust Deed) clients.

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