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Longhurst Group Housing Association and PayPlan – working together to rebuild your finances

At PayPlan, we provide impartial, free debt advice to help customers with rent arrears, priority debts (like utilities and council tax) as well as unsecured debts. By working closely with Longhurst Group Housing Association, we help customers to take control of their finances again; enabling them to pay their rent and preventing them from losing their homes. (Please note: PayPlan receive a fee from Longhurst Group for the advice service provided, at no cost to you).

Here’s how we can help you today:

  • Understanding priority debts

The ‘most important’ bills that we need to pay are called priority debts. We will work with you to work out which of your bills are priority debts and which are classed as non-priority debts, which do still matter, but the result of not paying them is not so serious.

  • Breathing space from creditor contact

We understand that being in debt can be worrying and stressful, but one quick, confidential call to our friendly team will instantly put your mind at ease. If your creditors know you are working with PayPlan you could qualify for 30 days ‘breathing space’ from debt collection activity, to allow you the time to find the right debt solution for you.

  • A plan that works for you

When the unexpected happens, managing personal and household finances can become more challenging. Once we have taken details of your incoming, outgoings and debt level, we will have a good understanding of the disposable income you have to pay towards your debts. If suitable for your circumstances, one of our personalised, affordable debt solutions will help you get back in control of your finances.

  • Help in the way you want it

We know that everyone’s different; that’s why we like to provide debt help in a way that suits you. You can request a call from one of our friendly, patient advisers, or if you prefer, you can complete our online debt solution tool instead.

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