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Our Complaints Procedure

We provide a copy of our Complaints Procedure upon request or to any client who makes a complaint.

When you tell us that a service or product you receive has not met your expectations, we consider this an expression of dissatisfaction. We regard any expression of dissatisfaction as a complaint.

You can raise a complaint verbally or in writing. A third party can also submit a complaint on your behalf.

We treat all complaints very seriously and will thoroughly investigate any complaints made. All complaints are treated and recorded the same way, whether justified or not.

We aim to conclude all matters to the mutual satisfaction of the concerned parties as quickly as possible. We’ll maintain integrity throughout all investigations and maintain all appropriate records.

If the complaint concerns a third party, we’ll refer the issue to the party involved and write to them to confirm that we have done this.

We regard a complaint as: 

  • An expression of dissatisfaction from an eligible complainant (i.e., a private individual, proprietor, or small business.)
  • Relating to business activities.
  • A client who has suffered – or may suffer – financial loss, material distress or significant inconvenience.
  • Any matter that has not been resolved within three business days of receipt.

We’ll fully record any feedback that: 

  • We don’t consider an expression of dissatisfaction
  • Doesn’t meet the criteria for a complaint
  • Has the potential to lead to a complaint
  • And can be fully resolved within three working days.

The Complaints Team review these regularly to identify trends and issues, preventing future complaints and improving our services.

Our Complaints Team will review the complaint details, your file, and other relevant information. If your complaint concerns business arranged by one of our Complaints Officers, another senior employee will investigate it.

We always try to resolve the complaint within eight weeks. However, we will write to you again if we cannot complete the complaint after eight weeks. This letter will:

  • Inform you that we are still investigating the complaint.
  • Contain contact information about the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

Our Complaints Team will write to you when they have completed the investigation. They will send you a Final Response letter that will:

  • Explain the outcome of the complaint.
  • Provide an offer of settlement, ranging from an apology to financial compensation, if appropriate. Where financial compensation is deemed appropriate, it will include the amount we are offering. Any offer we make will be a fair offer and take all the facts into account.
  • Include contact information and a leaflet about the Financial Ombudsman Service.

We’ll treat the matter as closed if you do not respond within eight weeks of our Final Response. If you are unsatisfied after receiving the Final Response, you can refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

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