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rise in use of credit card payments

Invisible Money: The Infographic

Using our survey findings and other research, we put together an infographic so you could easily see how people spend their money and whether payment methods have changed with the introduction of technology like Apple Pay and contactless cards.

We found that in 2016 the majority of people opted to use card payments rather than cash and that cash payments are also on the decline. It was also discovered that paying by contactless is increasing and that this method is one of the safest modern ways to pay for your goods.

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If you want to find out more about our campaign you can check out our:

Campaign homepage – This tells you everything we did as part of our research.

Experiment – We asked a blogger to live for a week on card only payments followed by a week on cash only payments to see whether invisible forms of money made a difference to her spending. 

Top tips – In light of the campaign, we wanted to put together some top tips on how to control your card spend.

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