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Other Debt Management Companies

Unlike so many other debt management companies, PayPlan’s debt solutions have no upfront client fees, which could mean lower repayments for you. That means with a PayPlan debt solution, you don’t have to worry about paying any fees you might normally associate with an IVA or a Debt Management Plan.

How Are PayPlan Debt Solutions Different To Most Other Debt Management Companies?

PayPlan is funded in a unique and innovative way. Rather than charging our clients, we receive donations from the credit industry.

Unlike these and so many other debt management companies, here at PayPlan we don’t charge our clients any upfront fees for debt solutions such as Individual Voluntary Arrangements and Debt Management Plans, instead we receive our income primarily from the credit industry.

That is, your creditors recognise that our debt solutions are a sustainable and realistic strategy in reducing your debts, and agree to arrangements that will typically complete with no fees charged to you.

What Do PayPlan Do?

PayPlan provide free, sympathetic and immediate advice regarding debt and debt-related issues. If you’re worried about debt, there may well be a number of free debt solutions that we can offer you depending on your needs, and we will explain all your options impartially.

Telephone free on 0800 316 1833 or use our debt help form, and your free debt help can begin as soon as you contact us.

More Information on Debt Management

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