Dealing with Debts

If you’re having problems dealing with debt, then you’re not alone.

Being in debt can leave you feeling like you have no options, and nowhere to turn.  Some people switch off their phones or refuse to answer their door to avoid the possibility of contact with creditors and their demands for money. Many people refuse to open mail if they suspect there’s a bill inside the envelope.

Self-employed Debt Help Form

Payplan’s self employed advisory team will help you restructure your debts to ease cash flow and allows you to continue to trade. We offer assistance to sole traders partners and limited companies.

There is something positive you can do

While we at PayPlan understand the pressure and the burden involved with being in debt, unfortunately such denial tactics are not a recommended method of dealing with debt. At PayPlan we have been dealing with debt for 20 years, so we’re sure we can help and support you in some way. All you have to do is contact us for free advice and we can help you start dealing with debt right away.

We understand how you feel

PayPlan’s friendly telephone advisers are experienced in talking to people in debt, and they will listen carefully to get an idea of what debts you have, who you owe money to, and take certain relevant details from you such as what your basic income and expenditure is.

Please don’t worry about talking to us; we never ever judge anyone, we just want to help you get out of debt.

Many people tell us that they feel a bit better even after just this first phone call. It’s just one simple step that with our help and support can eventually help you to get debt-free. A PayPlan debt solution is tailored to what you can afford to pay, and becoming a PayPlan client means that your creditors can see you’re serious about dealing with debt (this alone can often reduce their demands for repayment).

Once we have enough information to help you, we’ll talk you through the debt solutions that are most appropriate for your needs.

Most people begin their journey to debt freedom by calling PayPlan free on 0800 316 1833  , while others prefer to fill in our online Debt Help form so we can contact them.

What happens after you become a PayPlan client?

Quite simply, we’ll give you all the help and support you need to reduce your debts. Our Debt Management Plans (DMPs) and Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) are based around what you can afford to pay back. After that, so long as you keep making your affordable payments into your DMP or IVA then you will be debt-free upon completion of your plan.

And what if a creditor ever contacts you for more money? Simply refer them to us and we’ll speak to them on your behalf. Dealing with debt related matters is what we do, and every PayPlan client has access to their own PayPlan case officer, so if you ever encounter any debt-related issue whatsoever, simply contact your case officer and he or she will gladly handle your query.

We’ll also regularly review your plan to see if there are any extra services we can offer to save you money or get your debt repaid quicker.

Remember dealing with debt is possible, you just need a helping hand that you can trust.

We at PayPlan would love to hear from you if you’re in debt, because after twenty years in the debt management business we’re sure we can help you. Have a chat with our friendly debt advisers, and you may find that this alone might begin to ease any worries you have about dealing with debt.

Call us free on 0800 316 1833  , or if our friendly advisers are busy just fill in our online Debt Help form so we can call you back.