Hi, I’m Emma, and I’ve worked for PayPlan for 5 years.

I chat to people who get in touch with us for the first time, over the phone, email or live chat.

It’s lovely to be able to reassure people that there’s always a solution to their money worries, no matter what their situation.

Sometimes people just want to offload their problems to a complete stranger, and they are reassured that we’re 100% confidential. Talking to me can be much easier than speaking to someone close to them. We don’t judge and we just want to help.

Hearing someone’s voice change from nervous and worried to relieved is a wonderful thing. People often tell me that they’re not sleeping at night, but by the end of the call they say that they’ll be getting the best night’s sleep in ages!

My clients often say that they feel there’s finally light at the end of the tunnel, and that they just want to get on with living their lives without the constant worry.

They tell me it’s taken months for them to pick up the phone or contact us through the website, as they either didn’t want to admit to themselves that they have a problem or they were worried they would be judged.

The most constant feedback is that they wish they’d not waited so long to talk to us.

*To protect the identity of our clients; names and circumstances have been changed.